Setting up Dvr to monitor on the internet creates hd problems

Originally had my dvr set to monitor my cameras on a local monitor screen. Everything worked great. After setting the DVR to be able to be accessed remotely on the internet with pc and at remote location with the zviewer app on android phone, The dvr constantly reboots every 5 to 10 mins. I followed the format the hard drive instructions and it only worked for a few hours then back to the ole rebooting routine. My question is this: why do I only have this problem when set to be able to monitor it over the internet? If I unhook my cable going to the modem everything goes back to normal. I even swapped out the power supply to the dvr with a new one that meets the specifications for the model DVR-H8006 UV. I have researched but cannot find the answer to this problem. The hard drive is set to overwrite older files. Please help.

What is the DVR SKU# or model #?

I am experiencing the similar issue, where the local monitor loses the cameras after a few minutes and it comes back online, it also loses connect to meshare, Model ZP-NK16-S, SKU ZM-SS7007B6-S.

Also, since there is no direct connection to the NVR using a browser how do I go about upgrading the firmware or downgrading?

This is a totally different issue, as well as a totally different system.

Okay, so do you want me to open a new thread or you can help me?

Still having problems with the DVR re-booting real frequently.
All my research on hear and other web sites here is what I have found to be the suggested causes:

  1. Hard Drive full: I reformatted the hard drive as per factory instructions. Did not help.
  2. Disconnect the hard drive: I disconnected the hard drive, this did not help.
  3. Check fan and temperature: I checked these , it did not help.
  4. Use a different mobile app as Zviewer was not made for my DVR Instead use Eeye: I did as instructed did not help.
  5. Check internet provider: I talked for an extended amount of time to Comcast about this, They said after several checks it was a DVR related problem: talk did not help.
    The only thing that stops the dvr from rebooting every few minutes is to disconnect the dvr from the modem. I have searched for hours and hours on the internet for a solution to the problem. I even considered buying a new Dvr, however my research shows me that multiple brands of dvrs using multiple internet providers are having the same problem. So now I wonder if even buying a new one would help my problem. Surely someone out there that knows what they are doing can help with this situation. Please help.

If the system is still rebooting with no hard drive installed, then the DVR will need to be replaced.

It is unsurprising if the DVR has gone out. the DVR-H8006UV system was produced in 2009 and early 2010.