See camera output on browser

The first generation Zmodo ip cameras could be monitored on a browser. But the output from the new generation cameras cannot. Is this a step forward or back?

In my opinion it’s a big step backwards.

I had to downgrade my firmware to restore that feature. Prior to purchase, my research showed that this feature, along with email alerting, existed and that swung my decision in Zmodo’s favour.

Had I known they would soon disable both features via an unsolicited firmware upgrade I would not have gone down the Zmodo route. As it stands, I have both abilities but cannot (and will not) upgrade my NVR firmware in case I lose them.

How did you downgrade the firmware?

I requested the firmware from Zmodo Support, despite their initial objection to providing it.

Armed with that, I used a USB drive to force it in.

Please tell us exactly how. I want to be able to see the comeras on my browser! Can you forward the firmware?

What NVR do you have?

The firmware I have is for the ZP-NE14S