RIP Zviewer

There were compatibility issues with the Zviewer and the servers that are being installed in anticipation for the cloud recording release.

As a result it has been taken down.

Already installed versions no longer have access to the servers, causing it to return an error for devices already added.


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Patty, will there be a camera management software program released in the near future?


@Patty, which is the new zviewer alternative? is there one?

The new one ( can be found at

Let me know if you have any issues, please PM me if it involves unique information.

And still all the same issues. No full screen, cannot see feed from the NVR and have to re-add cameras every time the software crashes. I just LOVE it when anyone and everyone can see the IP address of all my cameras - what a wonderful feature.

And now when I try to playback video - the App crashes. Who is approving these releases? Why are you all not listening to your customers? If the plan is to force us to use your cloud, you will lose me as one 100% for sure.

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I second this. This system “supposed” to work on the cloud site and it DOES NOT. NOTHING IS WORKING

If this does not get fixed so we, your paying customers, can just simply have our access back to the very expensive systems that we have bought. You will not be a company any more. You are pushing away customers. I recommended security cameras all the time. Zmodo is the one i am telling everyone to advoid like the black plague. Unless they never want access out side their home and very difficult access inside then i tell them it’s the best you can buy.

I DO NOT ever want my cameras on YOUR cloud servers. I will not pay for this breach of privacy. Give us want we, your paying customers, want and not what you want. Or sink your company right into the ground.

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I have 3 NVRs, 2 8 channel & one 16. Only one of the 8 channels will let me view the NVR settings or cameras now. My boss loves the quality of the the live feed (which can only be seem by adding the cameras by ip address which now seems to want to change all of the time via dhcp). But there is NO WAY IN HELL, that I will ever buy another Zmodo product if you don’t get these issues fixed. I have tried to be patient and maintain an even keel (so to speak) when dealing with these issues. You now have an update to for Zviewer. What change did you make? This version (as far as I can see) is no different than Trying to get a video recording by working on the NVR itself, is an exercise in futility and frustration.

quiet simply, your software does not work. constantly cannot get system id information. will not recognize anything on my system. owned zmodo products for 8 years. was perfectly happy until “the update.” now heading to security camera king. thanks zmodo.

NG, the only difference I see is that the ID search is gone as there are now only three choices, not four.

RIP Zviewer