Reset a wireless camera ZP-IBH15-W


I have this camera that seem bricked… Model #: ZP-IBH15-W
After powering it, it ends up with the lights’ solid blue (I know that means it is connected to a network), but I can’t see it through scan (IPCSearch, Zviewer)
And can’t add it to the NVR via Zmodo App on an iPhone.
I have no idea on which network its connecting to!

Edit: (Extra infos)
I used computers wired or wirelessly connected to the same network that I’d like the cam to be connected to.
The iPhone was connected to the same network as well.
The router for all the cameras is the same, I am checking the logs and attached devices to it, and there is no presence of that rogue camera…

Please advise!

I have same issue. SUrely there is a way to reset camera to “virgin” state. Only diff for me was it was on another network first. now it wont connect to new router

Well unfortunately from my experience you will need to figure out what network it is connecting to to reset it , it may be a dumb question but have you looked for the the original network it puts out on for the set up process ZMD_SAP ? it will not show up on your home network until you tell it to hook there via the ZLINK app ? power the camera up connect to that network launch the zmodo app add device via zlink and follow prompts . hopefully that helps

It can be ‘reset’ by deleting it from your Zmodo account(providing whatever network it is connected to is connected to the internet), then it miraculously resets back to stock. Crazy right?

Wow let me try that out! Thanks @forsquirel

Hmm, It won’t let me delete it. I clicked the trashcan, then “Proceed”, afterhand whenever I refresh, the cam is still there.

Any clue Zmodo support? Could you erase it for me?

EDIT : tried instead of then it let me delete the “bricked” camera there. Whenever I have a chance I’ll try to reconfigure the cam, I’ll keep you posted!


Update, even if the camera was deleted (and not appearing anymore in when I connect it, it ends up with the solid blue lights on. !..

ZBatch will reset all Zmodo devices on the network. Ask for it.

It is possible to accidentally connect 1 camera to another camera. If you see ZMD_SAP visible in your WiFi list, check that. You can also unplug your router to see if the light goes blue.

If the camera is on a functional network that allows it to connect to our servers, you can call support and we can try to send a reset signal. You would have to be at the location when you call.

Another thing that people have done is to take the cameras over to a different location far away from whatever network the camera happens to be connected to, which will cause it to blink green again. Then you can connect the camera to a router at that location which will cause it to forget the network that it was connected to before. Then you can bring it back to the current location, and it won’t connect to anything so you can run the setup again.

Thanks @BeemerBiker and @Patty, interesting insights, I asked support for ZBatch and will look into those avenues ! Thank you!

What did you get to work, if anything? I can’t get any answers from customer support. My network changed and I can’t get the cameras to 'unlock’from the old network.

When I try the take it to another location method, mine still flashes blue then green then blue again. And the ZMD_SAP network will not show on my list.

Greg21, not to kill all hopes, I’ve never got it to work neither.

First of all, I want to say how pissed off I am that I had to wait a week for my account to be approved to post here, and since new I can’t even make my own thread! I have to piggyback on this one!

I also have the ZP-IBH15-W cameras, but my problem is this.

A week ago I changed the SSID for my wireless network. I used Zviewer in an attempt to change which SSID the cameras would connect to, but when I told them to scan for networks, the list remained empty. It didn’t even show the network they currently connected to. I honestly didn’t think much of it because Zviewer is a near complete failure as a piece of software, so I just used it to issue a factory reset command to all my cameras.

Now they are all flashing green and none of them are broadcasting the ZMD_SAP network for configuring the cameras. I’ve checked with four different devices, two phones and two computers. I’ve left them unpowered for nearly a week to see if that would help them finish resetting, but no dice.

Now I have an NVR and four useless cameras.