Replacement ZP-IBH13-P

I have a 4 camera ZP-NC14-P POE system out of warranty.
One of the cameras stopped working and I replaced it with a same model new ZP-IBH13-P.
The new camera has newer V4.0.2.11 firmware and the old cameras V1.0.04-D.

The new camera does not work well with the ZP-KC1H04-P NVR. It is also slow at resolving on some of the network computers with VLC and does not work at all on Raspberry PI and Kodi using Omxplayer were-as the old cameras work fine.

Zmodo help has informed me that the cameras firmware cannot be rolled back.
I realize I could maybe upgrade the NVR and the old cameras to the newest firmware but I’m afraid none of the Zmodo cameras would work properly on the network then.

Has any one had success rolling back this cameras firmware or is Zmodo correct in that it can’t be done? Has anyone else had issues with their NVR or network monitoring when replacing one of these POE cameras?