Replacement USB Power Supply


One of my outdoor power supplies has stopped working (I know I should have waterproofed it). Where can I get another? I’ve looked all over and the best I can find is a 3rd party product, but of course the exact amp output is not correct (.2 amp as on the original).

This is for the USB wireless cameras.
Model number: ZM-PS0001US


Your power supply says .2 amp (200 ma)?


0.2A is what I read. (using a magnifying glass)


Perhaps you’re reading the ac current rating, such as 120v at 0.2a. What matters is the dc current rating, such as 5v at 2.0a.


Ah! I might be. I was just going by any amp rating on the plug. I didn’t think I need do some math to get the rating of the plug.


There is no math to do. There will be a label on the power supply unless it got so wet that it came off.


Nope., it’s there… but I was wrong:

Input: 100V-240V ~50/60Hz 0.2A
Output: 5V - 1A

I got the output mixed with the input. It’s 1 amp output.


Yep, that’s a standard size for a single camera. They’re available many places. Just avoid the super cheap that isn’t a regulated supply or you can have an interference in the video.


Do you have an example? I did ordered this one: Link:

I’m surprised I can’t find Zmodo selling them. And I tried. (hint, hint sales department)


Don’t know what camera you have but if the voltage and plug at the camera is right, it should work just fine. I only deal with wired RG59/18-2 cameras. Yours may be a wireless type and use the USB plug.


BTW, this power supply is working fine.