Replacement power for ZP-IBH15-W


My daughter has goats and they live in a shed in our backyard. We mounted two cameras in the shed and the goats decided they would be fun to play with. They chewed off the antenna (already ordered new ones) but they also pulled the power from the connection to the circuit board and chewed through the mini USB.

Is there an easy way to replace them? I took one of the cameras apart to try and reconnect the power but I can’t tell which is positive and negative. When I reinstall the cameras they are going to be better protected :slight_smile:

Zmodo sell replacement power cords to circuit board?

I have two of the ZP-IBH15-W. The USB connector on the board has 4 pads, the outer two are for power. The inner two are for data and not used AFAICT. One side will be ground the other for +5 volts. The ground should be easy to locate as there will be little or no resistance (Ohms) to any bare metal parts. It might even have a red colored wire still soldered to it. I would connect the two +5 together and get a 5 volt power supply that provides enough current for both cameras.


Great, thanks so much for your help. I’ll give that a try.