Recording Zviewer PC Playback


Is there a way to record/download playback in Zviewer PC (or any other platform really…) ?

I am able to record on PC the live stream without issue, but not playback.

Playback IS what needs to be easily recorded for easy sharing because rarely people will be in front of their PC when their house gets broken into.

Thank you!


I use web access to get to the NVR, then download what I need. If you’ve allowed your system to upgrade to the latest Zmodo firmware you’ve probably lost this ability. I have the ZP-NE14-S with version V40.0.2.7


Thanks, but indeed a firmware update was viciously imposed on me and destroyed
web access.

I guess I could do the whole flashback to past firmware thing. But there has to be a way
to do this simple adjustment to Zsight to let it record the darn screen (like it does on live view)

It’s crazy, that I would need to dig out the nvr from its hidind spot, or carry a TV around, then fiddle with a cheap mouse into an archaic UI just to get my recordings…


Yeah it’s sad. I think Zmodo believed they were doing their customers a favour by disabling the features that first attracted so many to the brand.

The NVR has a telnet client but Zmodo refuse to disclose the credentials that might otherwise allow us to develop a remote app to do exactly what you (and others) yearn for,