Recent web interface update changed my phone log-in


Recent web interface update changed my phone log-in prefix to (86)=CHINA from (1)=USA? How do I fix this issue? Has my account been hacked? Are my camera images being delivered to China? Who in your company has access/authority to alter my log on data?


The country code isn’t a part of your personal log in Data.
It is just a selection you make.

The newer version of the web interface just has a default country code of 86.
If you click the country code you will see a slider menu appear that allows you to select the appropriate country.


Patty, thank you for the explanation. Is this “country” code# change the new default? Requiring it be corrected each log on? Was this a universal change applied to all WEB users?.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Mike H


Yes, the development team just changed the country code that shows by default when you go to the page.

Previously the default was 1 (older web interface), and now the default is 86 (newer web interface). This default shows for everyone, regardless of if you have an account or not. You must specify your country code every time.