Rebooting ZS-1008-B-1TB NVR

How do I “reboot” my zmodo “ZS-1008” NVR?
Nothing I’ve read applies to this model.
That includes:
Launch the NVR, go to"Menu", then click"Shutdown".
Click “OK” to Reboot.<===There is no “reboot”====
launch your Reolink client, go to the Device settings to enter the “reboot”.
Click the reboot button.
Step1. Launch your Reolink App, go to “Device Settings”.
Find the reboot button and click it.

This does not apply either===> (or do I have to load an unsupported program on my PC to do it? Does it still work?

I’m assuming if it was recommended to reboot other & older models, it still holds true for my ZS-1008-B-1TB. Better yet, shouldn’t a scheduled reboot be a good thing. If so, how is this done?

The newer Zmodo models don’t have a reboot option in menu. Just unplug and plug back in.