Reboot of DVR always sets Motion Sensitivity to HIGH - ZMD-DX-SIN8


Every time I reboot my system, the motion detection sensitivity always resets to HIGH. This is frustrating as it alarms to often. Can anyone else confirm this or tell me what I am doing wrong?

ZMD-DX-SIN8 firmware issues

Bump, anyone? I get flooded with over sensitive motion detection after reboots.


What is the firmware version of the system?


V70.1.2.3 ZMD-DX-SIN8. Need some more characters here to allow the system to let me post :slight_smile:


Any update ZModo?

Mine did it on the older firmware (V70.1.0.14??) and also in V70.1.2.3

I have a ZMD-DX-SBN8 but seems to be the same firmware as ZMD-DX-SIN8, not sure what the difference is between the models.

Very frustrating.


The difference between the ZMD-DX-SIN8 and ZMD-DX-SIN8 is the casing. The firmware will be the same.

The issue with the motion sensitivity has been brought to the attention of the development team, and should be resolved in a firmware update soon.

I apologize, but we do not have an ETA on the firmware update.


I’ve got the same model and have the same problem. For a while now, all I knew was that most of my cameras would start making clicking sounds when anybody got anywhere near them. It wasn’t until I read this post that it dawned on me what the issue is.

My firmware/software version is also V70.1.2.3 and here we are on April 26, 2016. Has the firmware been updated yet? If not, will it ever be?

I don’t mind so much that the motion sensor keeps activating, but clicking noises are driving everybody in my family batty!

Please let me know if there’s been any upgrade to the firmware or if there’s any other solution.



Same model with the same problem. We need a firmware update!