Question about a dvr

i’m looking at this dvr unit the ZM-SS76D9D8-4SC-1TB . i see it connects to the cameras with cat5 cable. i have 6 wifi ip cameras and they are now connected to a network switch with cat5 cable and the switch is connected to my router with cat5 cable. i use tinycam app to view the cameras. i also have a zmodo dvr h.264 it is the zmd-dd-sbn8 unit that i can see my cameras with tiny cam app. does anyone happen to know if the ZM-SS76D9D8-4SC-1TB will connect up to the tinycam app and if i will be able to connect the ip cameras to this dvr?

or maybe the zmodo app and can the amodo app be used on the pc? also with the amodo app will it let me see all 16 cameras on the same page?

a lot of questions but i need to find out before i spend money on them. what app can i get now to setup and see my zmd-dd-sbn8 zmodo cameras with . thanks much for the help