Professional 720p NVR Security System SPoE


Security System has not shown any video since October 2017, have tried everything, reset total disconnect for days and weeks and reconnect still no video offline.


Try this first.

Disconnect all of the cameras from the back of the NVR

Use a paperclip to push and hold the reset pinhole for 30 seconds

Wait 2 min for the NVR to come back up

Reconnect cameras to the back of the NVR

Check if cameras show on the monitor connected to the NVR

If yes, check the phone access

If no, check the NVR’s network settings, and post a picture here.


Tried the disconnect of all cameras, reset, and reconnect all cameras, still the same problem.20180226_195811[1]


Tried the disconnect of all cameras,reset, and reconnect all cameras,still the same problem.20180226_195743[1]


That system hasn’t been reset, or settings have been changed since the reset.

Try again, but do not change any settings after the factory reset.


Same issue. No video system has been reset as before.20180227_154108[1]


Re format the hard drive


I’ve reset, reformat disconnected all cameras at nvr also disconnected at each camera, I’ve disconnected the entire system for two weeks and then reconnected still no video. It worked just fine from the time it was installed at the end of july all of august and most of sept. around the end of sept. noticed lost video only had three cameras installed by oct. all three cameras had stop working, so I installed the last camera, it worked for two week and lost video on it, no video on any camera from that time20180301_212935[1]20180301_213019[1]20180226_201341[1]


Try disconnecting the NVR from the router, and then factory resetting with the cams disconnected.

Leave the router completely disconnected when the system comes back up, and then reconnect the cameras with it still disconnected from the router. The goal of this is to check if the system functions independently of the router. Check the network settings to make sure that the factory reset was completed.

What lights are lit on the back of the system?


Something similar happen to me…
Check HDD space, then reformat. If After the reformat the space looks the same you could have an issue with the HDD.
Mine could not write, only read.

This issue prevented the cameras from coming online also. .


I tried disconnecting NVR from router, and then factory reset with cameras three times, still no video. Here are photos20180306_113345[1]20180306_122128[1]20180306_193126[1]20180306_194344[1]20180306_194928[1]


Reformatted still nothing.20180306_195400[1]


What do you show in the device management screen while it was disconnected from the router?

Why is your device on the Comcast specific firmware?

Were your cameras purchased separately from the NVR?


This is what it show in 20180226_200359[1]the device management screen while it’s disconnected from the router20180226_200455[1] I am not aware of the Comcast specific firmware. We have ATT Spectrum is also here. I bought this system20180307_212121[1]


No answers for my issues, what will my warranty cover, because as for now I have no security 4 cameras no video on any, either a bad nvr or 4 bad cameras.


Well, no answers I guest I should trash that ZMODO thing and get something that more reliable and better support.