Power cord for 720p

does any one know where I can get a longer power cord for the camera

If you use a round one search E-Bay for I believe a 5.1 mm to 2.1 mm male to female extension you gan get 2-10 foot ones under $10. If you use the Micro usb tybe I would imagine(but I never tried) you need a micro usb male to female extension one that would be a (data type) because it uses not regular power pins like a cell would use but the data side of it! Also you will burn out a cell phone if you plug Zomodo’s or Funlux micro usb type into a cell! I did try a barrel round type to micro usb and tit doesn’t power the camera but it was working just to charge a cell that is how I found it uses the data pins in a micro usb to run the carera and that it would fry a cell phone how ever if its pins are of a non micro usb standard and a zomodo type only for atreir camera then you are out of luck I don’t think they sell one either. you void warranty if you put a longer range antenna power connector etc.

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thank you for your help even tho I return my cameras because they were defects and getting new ones

The cams that use MicroUSB use the same charger type as many android phones and tablets. If your wireless cam has the microUSB port for power, you can replace the power cord with a standard android phone charger.

They won’t burn out cell phones, they are 5V 1A. My cell charger is 5V 2A. I routinely use the Zmodo MicroUSB chargers on my LG G3, as well as my Samsung tablet. I have not burned either out yet. They do give the slow charge message, and will take forever to charge though.

this has a plug at end of it not pulling on my cell trying to making it longer to plug into wall from outside

I apologize @bewaniuk , but that doesn’t make any sense.

What I am suggesting is that if you are using a wireless camera that has a Micro USB port for power, you can buy an android phone charger that has a longer cord, and use that.

Generally however, if there is not power close enough to where the camera is going to be installed, we would recommend using an sPoE system, and not a wireless system.

I have my cameras running off extension cords. Outside ones are plugged into 100ft cords and ran to a outlet. I have the camera plug and usb connection wrapped in cling wrap and taped up to keep rain out.

We recommend against using extension cords, they will generally cause power issues that damage the cameras.

If you need to run wires, we recommend using a wired sPoE system. Those cables can be run up to 250ft without difficulty or modification.

How is that? A extension cord still has the same 120V AC as the outlet its plugged into… They are all rated for outdoor use. what is this sPoE system you talk about? I have cameras placed around my yard a distance away from house. I have not had any problems with them.

Extension cords are designed for temporary use. They are not designed for long term or permanent applications. Please note that all of the links below indicate not to use extension cords long term.



Please be aware that if an extension cord is in use, and a camera experiences power related issues, specifically image sensor damage, that would not be covered under the warranty.

Additionally, please be aware that permanent installation of an extension cord is a fire hazard.

it a cable that run to your cable box like a enternet cable but not everyone can put one of these in

I already know about the safety hazards and long term effects. I inspect the cords often. Thanks for the info though.


If you are already aware that using an extension cord continuously damages it in a way that is not visible through inspection, and you are also already aware that the deterioration which you cannot see will damage any electronic device connected to it, then I am unsure why you are using extension cords, since you know it will damage the camera.

you can delete this post I’ve no longer have these camera

Or go to Amazon and you can order one as long as you need .I got 20 footers works great .