Please develop a PC based camera management system


Just joined the forums yesterday and this was one of the first topics I searched. Glad to see I am not the only one disappointed in the PC remote user ability that worked so well with the old SD BNC DVR’s. Used Netviewer software to view on any computer connected to the LAN. Worked great because there is a computer just about anywhere. Went right to Zmodo when it was time to step up to HD. Upgraded to 16 channel NVR hybrid wired 8 POE cameras and 8 wireless cameras. Wireless cameras have been problematic but that’s another post. I’m very happy working from the control point at the NVR on management but I have a 4 story home and having to split off several HDMI feeds, convert to CAT 5 or better and send to the other 2 floors where I just want to see all the cameras at once was a bunch of work. Would have needed more conversion and a real KVM switch to get the function I had before. Zviewer has never worked for me but I still have hope I might one day get it or the DDNS service might start working. Web based viewing service is OK but would love to see more than one camera at a time. Since my old system never had a working iPhone viewer I am thrilled to be able to see all the wired cameras all the time and some of the wireless cameras come of the time on my phone. I’m all on board asking Zmodo to please develop a good web-based PC remote management system that duplicates the interface you have at the NVR.