Please develop a PC based camera management system


Zmodo, please develop a pc based camera management system or provide support for Zviewer for PC. It is ridiculous to have to have a dedicated monitor to view and review camera footage connected to a a NVR with today’s technology. Does anyone else agree???


Absolutely crazy. Even worse that the had one zviewer for the pc. That stopped working with the last update. There should have been been new client software release way before disconnecting the only one.


I agree 110%. Finding recorded incidents is now a ridiculous exercise. I have (4) zmode cameras at my home, and (15) in a business setting. I went from loving and recommending my systems to hating them in one upgrade. Either Zmode fixes their mistake or when it comes time to upgrade I’ll look elsewhere.


I agree that a better viewer could be utilised, also my Internet explorer is unstable and there are no further updates and it will therefore soon be not usable when are we going to see some viewer that will work with Google Chrome? I have 2 DVR units one 4 channel and 1 8 channel on my rural property for security purposes and I do not want to loose the use of them.

#5 already works with Google Chrome.


Using is to slow for reviewing video from past events, it would be better and faster if we had webaccess or program that acceses directly the NVR without going out the LAN

When I use , seems like video traffic goes to zmodo server and then back, very slow compared with local.


I don’t think they intend to release a new client. In my opinion, Zmodo is attempting to push users to their paid cloud storage when released. Truly a shame, their system was pretty decent until the “upgrade.”


So true. I couldn’t imagine trying to view a 15 camera system with the app or their online sites. Makes your system pretty useless. C’mon Zmodo, provide support for Zviewer for PC or make accessible for other 3rd party cms.


I’m in the same boat. System as is, is useless.

#10 keeps coming back with Device is offline. Is there a problem on your side?


ive just recently gone from an older zmodo dvr analog system to a newer zmodo nvr spoe 720p system. i was able to access the older dvr directly from a pc across the internet using ie (with extenisons and some activex settings) and port forwarding on my local router. now that i have the newer nvr set up the local viewing via vga to monitor is much better. although its not clear how im supposed to access the system remotely? i dont use an android or iphone. from the pc seems very hit or miss. i can sometimes get a camera to display…other times just a black screen and cloud… are these systems no longer able to be directly interfaced via remote ip with local router port forwarding and such? thanks.

#14 not a viable option… Specially if you have a NVR without Internet access…

Explain why how to access via local network without internet connection


I completely agree with this idea. Ever since the updates to the ZP-NE14-S broke the local IE based access, I have been very upset. While the meshare app did eventually provide access to view the cameras from another device, the point of having a network based security system with local storage was totally lost.

You can’t access the storage from the local network.
You can’t access the recordings from the computer, where it’s easier to manage.
You can’t save the recordings for later review.

Recently I found out that the ZSight app has been updated again to work. However I am not be able to browse and play recordings while on the local network, only watch live. Again this seems wrong. While connected to the same lan I can not view recordings? They must be sent across the internet? Even then, I have internet while on the same network, so if the video uploads and redownloads it should still work.

I also have another one of these systems at a remote site. So even via different I can’t access the recording on wifi. Actually I can’t access this one’s recordings at all… maybe the new app doesn’t work with the old firmware.

This whole situation is a mess.


It never dawned on them that maybe people don’t care if others can see your driveway or backyard. I bought two systems and there fricken useless now. My man mission now is to bad mouth zmodo every chance i get on the web.


you are exactly right. Patty, any chance of supporting Zviewer for PC??? Is there a rollback that will allow us to do so?


@prljr The security concerns are not focused on people viewing cameras. The security concerns are focused on people having the ability to load malware onto your cameras that can not only get into other devices on your network, but that can also get into other devices through the internet.


So how did Zmodo manage to find my unit on the web to automatically upgrade the firmware? Did they use the same hole that the new firmware fixes?


Patty you seem very selective in the posts you respond to. I will ask again, why can’t zmodo not support Zviewer for PC and is there a rollback that will allow me to use my cameras with Zviewer for PC?


Researching this situation, I found that the problem stems from fixed root user credentials being on these devices in such a way that the end user can not change the password.

The solution was deemed to be block connections from the world and not allow the users to access their devices. Only allow access from the zmodo server farm.

Now my problem with this is that the problem has not been fixed. The response of blocking all with the firewall is nearly equivalent to burying your head in the sand. If you can’t receive the problem there is no problem. That like stopping spammers by deleting your email account or unplugging your phone. They are still trying to reach you and just aren’t available.

This is not a proper solution. Creating a way to change the credentials, and upgrading the vulnerable versions of software would be much better. However I haven’t seen anything saying that this is a code injection issue. Just a simple case of stolen password.

What worse is I just rolled back my device so that I could access on my secure local lan, no port forwards from the outside world, and now the device has upgraded itself and locked me out again. I do not have control over my own device.

Now I have to block the zmodo nvr from access to the internet as well…


Same here… Need something to manage via PC…

for Example I have a unit I recently purchased and put it in an area without internet access. I have a LAN there I was planning on using to view the cameras, but does not work