PKD-DK0863-NHD won't turn on with Seagate 500GB Pipeline drive



I bought this system in 2014, but didn’t install it until last week. I have it on my network and I confirmed I can view the cameras by visiting the IP address associated with it. The issue is that after researching what type of hard drive to buy, I saw that Seagate Pipeline drives are supported. I bought a 500GB Seagate Pipeline drive from Amazon and when it’s plugged in, all it does is blink the power LED. It does not turn on. Without the hard drive, it powers up just fine and works. Why isn’t it working with this drive? Isn’t it the recommended one? Am I missing something? Here is a link to a photo of the hard drive along with a video of what I’m seeing happen when I try to turn it on.

Seagate Pipeline 500 GB drive

Video of powering on DVR with hard drive attached.


@Patty can anyone in support help? I’ve tried emailing Zmodo support as well with no luck. I’m not receiving any response.