Outdoor WiFi camera won't connect ... no ZMD_SAP ever appears


I purchased two outdoor wifi (1080p Full HD Outdoor Weatherproof WiFi Wireless Security Camera). The first connected fine … the 2nd camera, while a green light and then blue light appear NEVER start up ZMD_SAP. I have tried multiple locations, etc.


If the light is blue, the camera is already connected to WiFi.

If you connected it to WiFi without adding it to the account, You can add any device with a solid blue light by picking “Wireless Device and Smart kit” then “Wireless Device”.

It should then show a list of connected devices.


Where do I find “Wireless Device and Smart kit” ? I don’t see it on the mobile app nor the web app. Only the first camera is visible on my account.


Patty, I found the Wireless Device and Smart Kit and added the camera … i’m good … and THANKS !