NVR stopped recording, displaying

I have a newer Zmodo NVR and wireless 720p cameras. I came in today and turned on my display, only to find none of the 3 cameras were displayed. I checked the app, and found all 3 displayed fine there, both individually, and when selecting the NVR live view in the app.

Despite the above, in “Device Management” in the NVR, all 3 showed the status as “offline”. I tried deleting one camera and searching for it again, but it simply failed to be detected. Now when I select the NVR view in the app, that camera is missing (while the other 2 still display there despite the NVR showing them as offline).

I already tried power cycling the NVR with no effect. I also tried power cycling one of the cameras with no effect. I also checked that the cameras and NVR all show the firmware as up to date.

By checking the recordings, I found all cameras stopped being recorded at 4:24 pm CDT the previous day. I didn’t notice anything unusual at that point in the recording.

I’m hesitant to reset the NVR, as I will likely then lose the other two cameras from the NVR view on the app.


This is a wired NVR I had been using for about 1.5 year now with my wireless cameras with no issue. Today I tried plugging in one of the wired cameras that came with it, and video from it displays with no issue. I tried resetting the NVR, but no change regarding the wireless cameras.

I noticed earlier this week a friend of mine that has a mostly wired Zmodo setup with one wireless camera also lost the connection to the wireless camera. Did Zmodo possibly push an update that disabled wireless cameras connecting to “wired” NVRs?