NVR device is offline after switching internet provider


I recently switched internet providers from Xfinity to AT&T U-Verse. AT&T provided a Pace 5268AC modem/router gateway for their service. But now using this, I cannot view live streaming anymore for a ZP-NE14-S NVR setup (that’s on the latest V40.0.3.02 firmware). This is using the Zmodo android app (latest version and web sites (https://user.myzmodo.com. https://user.zmodo.com, https://user.meshare.com).The web sites all say that the device is offline and the Zmodo app says “Connection timed out” for any channel I try to view. I didn’t have live streaming issues with the app or any of the web sites when I was on Xfinity (where I used my own cable modem and router).

Interestingly though, when I use the Zsight android app (version, I can view the live streaming fine only when I am on the same network (via wifi) that the NVR is on. If I turn off my phone’s wifi so it uses my mobile service provider’s data network, I cannot view the live streaming using Zsight either. For the Zmodo app and web sites, I can’t view live streaming regardless of whether I’m connected to the same network that the NVR is on or not.

Does anyone have any ideas what my issue may be? Using these apps and web sites, there shouldn’t be any need for port forwarding per my understanding so I’m not sure what else might be causing my problem.


Wanted to provide an update on this in case anyone is running into similar issues. I resolved my situation by opening up ports on the Pace router. After I opened up ports 8000 and 9000 (video and mobile ports, respectively, per the NVR configuration), then I could start viewing video thru the Zmodo app. I’m not sure if opening up both ports was necessary as I didn’t have time to try opening each port individually to see what happened.

Anyways, after this, I found that I still was not able to view video thru the web site (https://user.zmodo.com) so I opened up the web port as configured in the NVR. By default, the web port configured in the NVR is 80, but the Pace router would not allow me to open up this port. So I changed the web port in the NVR to a different number (has to be 1025 or above) and opened up this port # on the router. After this change, I could view video thru the web site fine.

The Zsight app still doesn’t work to view video after all these changes to open up ports in the router firewall. That’s fine as I’ll be using the Zmodo app anyways.

I thought the point of the new Zmodo app and web site was that it wasn’t necessary to do port forwarding in order to view live streaming from the NVR. I know port forwarding was necessary when using 3rd party apps like IP Cam Viewer. It seems it’s simply that certain routers like the Pace one I have still require port forwarding in order to be able to remotely view Zmodo systems. Has anyone else had to do port forwarding in order to use the Zmodo app or web site?