NVR causes wifi speeds to drop when plugged into Lan


When my NVR is plugged into the router, wifi speeds drop to 5 - 7 Mbps. When unplugged, wifi speeds are 30 - 40 Mbps. Everything shows current firmware, and I swapped out the cable to be sure it was not the issue. Any ideas on why the NVR appears to be dragging down the 2.4GHz network?


You didn’t mention if this was a wired or wireless NVR. Obviously if it was wireless, the connected cameras would be chewing up bandwidth.

If it is a wired NVR, the only thing that comes to mind is RF interference. If your NVR is in close proximity to your router, try moving them further apart.


The NVR plugs in via cat5 to the router. The cameras are wireless.


Make sure that the NVR is connected to a router, and not to a switch or any type of splitting device.

Unplug the cameras from power(to avoid resetting them also) and then factory reset the NVR. This will resolve any potential IP conflicts.

Check with the router manufacturer/ISP to be sure that you aren’t running into any bandwidth issues on the router.

What is the firmware on the NVR?