Now Zsight, Zmodo AND Meshare don’t work


I was having problems with Meshare for a few weeks and then it started working. Now it just says “device is offline”. Checked cameras and they are working fine at home on the DVR.


I’m having the same issue with Zmodo app as well as the Zmodo website login - my cameras won’t load there at all.


If you see the device offline message but everything is working at the DVR, try rebooting the DVR.


That was the first thing I tried. Still cannot see cameras. Even on home WiFi


SKU# or model # of the system?

Also, what is the IP address listed in the network settings?


Following… same issue. I’ve not only rebooted the NVR’s (I have two) but have also turned them off and the router for more than 15 min then turn them back on. I have done this multiple times and the systems will sometimes come back to normal but for only a very brief time - 5 min or less - then it’s back to the same issue. Regardless of the system coming back online or not, the Meshare app and the Zmodo app have issues. The Meshare app takes forever
To load and of it does finally olen, prompts for logon. The Zmodo app loads, but doesn’t pick up the feed from the nvr. If I back out of the camera screen then go back into it, it sometimes loads.