Notification time stamp 5 hours fast

See the attached image. The actual time of the event was 19:11 hours but the notification showed 12:11 AM. Different time format and time zone. The stamp on the actual captured picture is correct - only the notification time is wrong. There is no adjustment on the app and website time zone is “frozen” as previously reported.

The app has the Time Zone format

Bring up the live camera image
tap the gear in the top right to go to device settings
tap the 3 dots in the top right to go to the general settings

The device timezone setting is in there.

Thanks Patty. The time zone is correct and shows correctly live, and in captured images and videos. The time stamp is incorrect in the alert notification. See the pic.

If you have an NVR, you may need to set the time through the system interface.

Additionally, you might try changing the time to something else, and then changing it back.

You nailed it! I do not have an NVR but I changed the time zone on the app to something else, exited, went back into the settings and put it back to Eastern (-0500) and it worked. Thank you.

I have the same issue. I spoke to a tech support rep who talked me through several steps including a complete reset of the device (EZ Cam Pro). She said she would make this issue known so it could be fixed in an update. As of now, the time stamps is still wrong for this device. Also was told that this device should be compatible with Amazon Echo Show but for whatever reason this device is still not working with that as well. Hopefully both issues will be fixed soon.