Notification Sound

Ever since my Zmodo app on my phone updated yesterday I am not getting sound with my alert notifications. I can look at the phone and see that I have received a notification just no sound.The app is set for sound, nothing else has changed with phone settings. The phone is a Galaxy S5. Other notifications such as text messages and missed calls still have sound. Anyone else have this happen? Also have tried the app on my work phone, a kyocera E6810 running same version of the app,, no sound on it either.

Update- I went back to an older version of the app and I restored my sound. If any Zmodo folks are listening your newest app update breaks the notification sound function.

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I did the same thing and got the same results. The latest update jacked my cameras up. Lost night vision on one, had to delete it an reinstall which fixed the night vision issue. Both cameras are working fine again as long as you don’t update the app.

Turn on sound on ur phone

Gee thanks. Wish I had thought of that.

It’s been my experience that you will never get it back. Don’t expect any help from customer service, they will tell you that their’s is working fine, and you’re the only one with this problem.