No date/time display after upgrading firmware on camera


I have a ZM-SS714-1TB system that includes ZP-NE14-S NVR and ZP-IBH15-S cameras. The NVR is on the latest firmware V40.0.2.18. I then found out that there is a separate firmware for the cameras when I logged in directly to their IP addresses thru the IE browser. The firmware version on the cameras is V5.1.0.9. And the software update tab in the System Settings for the camera said that there was an update available for V5.1.0.11 with the following note:

System shall support the following optimization and promotion after upgrade:

  1. Modify icurt abnormal

I have no idea what this is about (can anyone explain?), but I did an auto upgrade for one camera to get it on the latest firmware. After this camera re-started though, in the 4 channel view of the cameras when using the Zviewer Windows program or when viewing it directly from the NVR’s VGA output, it does not show the date/time display anymore for the camera that got upgraded. If I double-click on the channel for this camera so that it takes up the whole window, then the date/time display is shown. I confirmed in the NVR’s Display Settings for the camera’s channel, the Channel Time display checkbox is checked.

In the 4 channel view using the IE browser to connect to the NVR, the date/time display is shown for the same channel. But this display in IE is pretty much unusable since the camera displays are so small.

Has anyone been able to reproduce this date/time display issue? Could someone from Zmodo confirm that this is a bug? I’m holding off upgrading firmware any the other cameras because of this.And also I’d like to understand the change log for the camera’s firmware versions.

By the way, it seems upgrading the firmware on the cameras themselves is not documented anywhere. It only seems possible to upgrade them when connecting directly to their IP address using the IE browser. I don’t see any way to upgrade camera firmware using the Zviewer Windows program or from the NVR console.

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Hello There. i just wanted to chime in and say i have the same results you do. i went ahead and upgraded the firmware on all 4 camera’s

FYI. the only place i don’t see the Display date/time is on the Monitor connected to the actual NVR box when it is in Quad mode (shows all 4 screens at once) if i go fullscreen on one it shows the date and time

also the date and time still show on the Iphone App and on the Web Client App as well as on the actual recordings so for me this isn’t a big deal. just wanted to update this thread.


Thanks for confirming that you are able to reproduce the same behavior. Not sure if you also use the Zviewer Windows program and see the same issue after the upgrade. But I frequently use this program in quad mode so it’s annoying to not see the date/time on the channels in this mode anymore.

I wish someone from Zmodo would chime in on this and also mention in plain English what this firmware upgrades are supposed to provide. It’s obvious whoever wrote up the upgrade note (“System shall support the following optimization and promotion after upgrade”) is not a native English speaker. Did you notice any changes or enhancements after the upgrade? I did not except for the date/time bug.


just started using Zviewer for Windows and am not able to see time/date on the quad screen either.
did not notice any changes or enhancements at all. acts just the same