Night vision no longer working

One of my outdoor night vision cameras doesn’t work at night anymore. I just recently bought this kit and installed it and the Amazon return policy ended on Jul 14… Is there anything I can do?

The camera works fine in the day time but at night the night vision doesn’t work. I’m actually wondering if it’s just the IR light stack that isn’t working…

Not uncommon to have the IR LED unit to fail.

What is the model number?

What is the output on the power supply that is powering the camera?

Hi Patty, this is the unit I bought:

Does that help? Sorry, its a little difficult to access the cameras to read the model numbers. I can check it tomorrow? the cameras are power via POE

Kind of hard to see, but it’s visible. Does this help?

Realized the photo wasn’t attached

I also have 2 cameras that no longer work properly for night vision, the IR LED’s do not light up as they used too.

That kind of makes me uneasy. It is disappointing to see such an early failure like this and to hear that other peoples IR lights are out too? It sounds like a major defect to me. Had I known this, I would have likely not purchased zmodo to be honest… no offence, but isnt the point of a video surveilence system to be reliable?

so far:

  • IR lights going out (rendering the cameras useless at night, which is when you need them the most…)
  • The app crashes daily (rending the motion alerts useless, which is when you need them the most… )

I havent seen any attempt by zmodo here to rectify these problems. suggesting to use other apps that dont crash are not a solution… and for such early failures like IR bulbs going out in <1 month of use and not being replaced is terrible.


We do not have access to the Amazon invoices but you can fill out an RMA online.

You can submit a warranty replacement request online at for North America
( if outside North America).

As far as the apps they are doing some updates to the apps you can use zmodo or meshare on both android and ios.

For the alerts motion has to stop for around 200 seconds before the alerts can be triggered. If you go into the menu of the device under event management and motion detection you can block out areas of constant motion like trees or busy roads that might be causing motion too not meet the 200 seconds.

Scarlet thank you for your response. I do appriciate the information as I didnt know about the RMA process that is available. It is frustrating to see product failures after such a short period of time with light use for outdoor cameras.

After 8-12 months, I wouldnt be surprised with minor failures as testing of equipment is sometimes not a 100% means of quality control. Coming from the manufacturing industry, I can understand that. but just after 30 days, having a failure like an IR light now working is very surprising to me, despite what kind of failure it can be linked to.

Regarding the app issues. I am currently using both MeShare & the Zsight apps on my android device. an upate for the re-occuring restart of the app would be nice, but I’m not sure how this can be corrected as it is difficult to replicate and difficult to capture the failure in the moment.

I’ve submitted the RMA request, lets see how the process goes.

Not a problem. I agree and I am sorry it happened. Unfortunately amazon purchase in large quantities and then they keep them in storage.

Let me know if you have anymore issues with the cameras or with the rma.

Are you on an android or iphone? I have an android and ipad it does crash some times when I do playback and dont let it load. If you can keep an eye for when it happens to see what you where doing before hand.

Hi Scarlet,
I have a samsung s4, android phone running 5.0
the ‘crash’ is kind of strange, this is what I’ve noticed over the past month now.


  • just stops sending notifications (no indication of a crash)
  • upon opening the app and the app loading symbol, a toast pop message comes up saying “Login failed”
  • which then prompts me to go to account management, log out, and log back in.
    This happens between once every one day to once every three days. I’m not sure what is triggering this to happen.


  • I could be typing, or just browing in any app, chrome, whatsapp, facebook, news, etc, and the screen will change to a white screen “loading”, go back to what I was doing, then will change back to the MeShare loading screen, and then back again to what I was doing
  • This typically prompts me to go into the MeShare app to actually see if its working…
    its difficult to describe the changing screens, its almost like how the multi tasking works.

I’m not sure if it would be fair to keep this here as the topic is a little different. It might be wise to have something like a github for software issues tracking/releases/notifications.

Feel free to move or start a new topic based on this data on my behalf!

I bought a few IR emitters for that reason. I can just mount one along side the camera, or mount it to add illumination to a specific spot for the camera. They look somewhat like a camera, but only need the 12 volts for power.
Google can find some for you. Here’s what i bought.

A friend of mine recommended this as well for my backyard since its a long distance that the camera needs to see. but now we’re talking running power lines to a POE camera… how counter intuitive is that? I would have just gone wireless if I had to run power to the cameras. lol

Even wireless camera’s need to have power supplied to them, unless you use batteries to power them. And, you better have a basket full of them.

I think you missed the point here…
I’ve installed POE cameras to avoid running AC lines to my cameras… I dont want to have to run AC power lines for lights to support a camera that doesnt require AC…

Regardless, I’m waiting on feedback from zmodo on their RMA process. I’m sort of disappointed with the warranty, although I should have been aware of that at the time of purchase. 30 days is just not sufficient for a product like this. 90 days would be perfect from my perspective, especially considering there are so many early failures of minor issues like the IR bulbs going out so quickly.

unsatisfied customers only lead to a poor perception of the product as a whole. I know I likely wont recommend zmodo for my family members at the moment. not unless this camera is corrected and I’m running 6-9 months without issues.

I need to rehash this issue. It turns out the same channel is now not working again in night vision mode following a reboot. and I suspect 2 other cameras aren’t working either, in night vision mode that is.

I’m not sure what’s going on with this kit, but this is highly unacceptable. It’s started to get cold out now, around 0C, so I’m starting to wonder if these cameras are proper outdoor cameras since the first failure occurred when we had 40C with high humidity.

Has anybody else encountered this issue before? any suggestions on other cameras that are compatible with this NVR? the amount of money spent on shipping to get these replaced is the same cost of a new camera, so I’m likely not going to be purchasing zmodo again unless they can operate for at a minimum of 3 months without failure and up to 1 year. even after 1 year, I’d be disappointed, but still for the price that would be fair.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I just installed my kit on 19 November, and things were working great until it started getting a little cold down here (about the last week - I’m in San Antonio). Three nights ago it probably got down to the high 40’s and I noticed the night vision wasn’t coming on one of the outdoor cameras. I cleaned the lens and it still didn’t come on. Multiple reboots, and still no luck. I then shined a flashlight directly on it, took it immediately off, and the night vision came on. I had to do that again the following night. Last night it probably got close to the mid 30’s down here and the night vision would not come on no matter what i did.

This weekend I plan on changing that camera out with another one that currently works perfectly. I’ll bring the faulty camera inside and let it warm up, and give the night vision another go. I suspect the the cold weather had something to do with the issues, which is unacceptable.

Before you replace the camera. Try restarting your NVR/DVR, I restarted a couple times and it happened to correct itself. It took a couple tries since after two restarts, all cameras “failed”, then all worked, this doesn’t look like a camera hardware failure, it seems like a software/firmware issue…

In regards to my issue, at this point I’m absolutely certain that my issue is related to the temperature. Any time the temperature is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit or less, the night vision will not come on. I’ve seen this happen several times throughout this month and with the constant temperature variations here in San Antonio there is no doubt in my mind this is the issue.