Newer zsight with older system

I have used zsight for years with my old phone. I just got a new phone and am a little confused with the new app.

  1. Why does it ask me to input my router password? The old version didn’t ask this.
  2. My system has wired cameras, and ethernet cable to my router/modem from the dvr, so is giving the app my router password necessary?
  3. Is there a copy of the old app to download?
  4. Does it work with Firefox?
  5. I can see this is going to be a pain.

OK, I got both apps working but the newer one named zmodo does not work when trying to pan, or tilt.
The old one named zsight works with pan and tilt, but in the home screen, it only shows the top edge of the screenshots that represent each of the 8 available cameras. And only the top 3, the rest are grey.
I’m a firm believer if it aint broke don’t fix it! So whats going on here?