New to Zmodo, hopefully have some easy questions


I just got 2 of the 720p wireless cameras and everything worked fine at first, but when I came to work yesterday I couldn’t access a live view of either camera. It just says “establishing secure video channel…” and the loading circle spins and spins.

I also still get alerts, but more often than not, the clips don’t load.

When I got home from work yesterday I was having the same problems so I deleted the app and reinstalled and that seemed to fix it. Now I get to work this morning, and it’s the same thing all over again.

My neighborhood had a few break-ins 2 days after I installed the cameras and I have 2 more cameras on the way.

Please help!


Install a WiFi analyzer app on your phone, then go around to each camera to check signal strength. Some people set their WiFi routers near the center of their homes to get better coverage.


The weird part is my wife has the app and says she can get them to pull up, albeit after a somewhat lengthy wait.

Could my job’s WiFi be causing an issue? Even when I go to cellular, it still doesn’t show me live feed or alert videos.


Another thing that you can try is setting all your cameras to LD instead of HD.