New App Release

The new version of the Zmodo app is live for android. iOS users will receive the update later tonight.

Some of the changes include:

  • A redesigned home screen making it faster & easier to reach playback, alerts, and live video.
  • Improved Mode Settings
  • Added the option to sort devices and modes
  • New method of adding cameras

Please let us know what you think of the new app.

Release Info Page

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I don’t understand something here. I updated my existing Zmodo app. It says that the version is Is this correct? I ask because this version looks exactly like the old. I don’t see any of the screens that I see at the Google Play site or the Release Info Page. When I am at the Google Play site looking at the new app’s photos and description Google Play says that it is “Installed”.What am I missing?

The newest version is Current Version5.0.1.06 try and check for an update in the app store.

Can you add a widget so that I can access from my android home screen with a link directly to a specific camera of my NVR?

A shortcut from the home screen (not the app home screen) to a full screen CH1 cam view.


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I been asking for this too, it will come handy.

Hi, @ScarletSpeedster, I have two zp-ne14-s, with V40.03.0 firmware. I cannot watch playbacks since APP UPDATE in both NVR. Only if I am connected in the the WIFI in the same network that NVR is. I tried with zmodo app and zsight app, and neither works remotely. Only local. I can watch live NVR camera remotely, the problem is playback. The NVR’s recording is working, because you can watch playback directly thru monitor and local wifi only.

I don’t know if a firmware problem or App problems.

Please help.


Any advices.