Need old firmware pre cloud update

I have a ZP-NL18 and (8) ZP-IBH15-W, i did the updat a couple years ago and the cameras quit working, let me say i waited 8 months to be approvved for this forum so i can get the old firmware. I dont have blue lights in my cameras all are green and so in nvr.

Check out this prior post. I think it will work on you issue. I had similar issue. I just powered off the one camera that was broadcasting the ZMD_SAP network since it appeared the camera I was working with kept connecting to it. That resolved my problem but this post should definitely fix your issue. I will point out that when finally got my camera going, I had to use the scan qr code method because of the last firmware update.

PattyZmodo Support Team

Feb '18

It is possible to accidentally connect 1 camera to another camera. If you see ZMD_SAP visible in your WiFi list, check that. You can also unplug your router to see if the light goes blue.

If the camera is on a functional network that allows it to connect to our servers, you can call support and we can try to send a reset signal. You would have to be at the location when you call.

Another thing that people have done is to take the cameras over to a different location far away from whatever network the camera happens to be connected to, which will cause it to blink green again. Then you can connect the camera to a router at that location which will cause it to forget the network that it was connected to before. Then you can bring it back to the current location, and it won’t connect to anything so you can run the setup again.