Need help with image at night

I have a some of my camera’s that look great during the day. The detail is great and the image is fine.

At night, much of the image is nearly impossible to see. What seems to be happening is much of the IR light coming out of the camera is being reflected off my house.

My house has a light blue vinyl siding. I do not want to aim the camera too far away from the house because I want to be able to see if anything happens next to the house.


Thanks in advance.

I have already contacted support with this same issue. My cameras were great at night until all the firmware updates. The support person told me that the night vision was part of the updated firmware. Hopefully it will be fixed if enough people report this issue.

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Unfortunately, without turning the camera further away from the house (which you’ve stated you don’t want to do), the only solutions I can think of would require addition equipment to illuminate the yard (either visible or compatible frequency IR).

It appears 850nm is the correct frequency for an IR illuminator, based on this Zmodo knowledge base article:

I will have to look into something like this.

The whole idea of not wanting to move the camera further away from the house is not wanting to lose the ability to see the side door/back door/and windows along the house.

It seems that the ability to see those at night as well as during the day is equally as important.

I’m wondering if some sort of short shield on the side of the camera that is next to the house would minimize the reflection of the IR against the house.

Mount the camera away from the house and aim it toward house, that way the IR wont reflect off the wall close to the camera.

I’m not sure how I would do this.

I have the camera mounted ON the house and aimed at what I want to view.

Would you happen to have a diagram that would illustrate what you mean?

If the camera is mounted under a EVE. Take a short peice of wood or 1x4 and cut it to around 2-3ft length. Attatch it under the eve sticking straight out from house beyond the edge of the roof… Place camera on end that way its farther away from wall and wont reflect the IR signal.

if you moved the camera just a bit more you still will see what is going on as any person will be large enough to show.
with your cameras under the eaves this protects them some but also hides them if you stick them out in the open as suggested you not only advertise them but if you live in the snow belt when the snow gathers along the eaves and fall off you take a chance to lose the cameras. i would leave them hidden under the eaves so they can’t be hit and torn off the house then you lose your security. also you want to see intruders coming to the house not after they are at the house.
just turn them a bit and have someone standing in the area of real concern, you will be surprised that what you still can see. hope this helps some.

Hi, just a thought because this happened to me. I shut off the night vision after determining that there was too much ambient light coming from my porch light which was directly above my camera that comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn. Once I shut this off the issue was resolved

Buy a power splitter
Buy a ir led light unit (cheap as is the splitter)
Use a piece of electrical tape

The tape is to block part of the ir light your camera is using that is hitting the wall. Might be easier to move the section your camera sees a bit away from the wall.
This will decrease the problem and increase the area you can see.

Or after blocking the needed ir bulbs on your camera, to stop the whiteout problem.
Then put the splitter between the power cord and camera.
Connect the new ir light unit and install on the other side of the camera (away from the wall side of camera),
This will give you more ir light and greatly increase what you can see.

One catch…the ir light come in increasing numbers of light units example, but also takes more power!


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