Multi NVR to one PC using Zviewer

I’d like to control my 8 channel NVR and my 4 channel NVR from one location. The distance between the locations of the cameras is such that I have to locate the NVRs 300ft apart.

I plan to connect the 8 channel NVR to a host PC via a Wireless Router using cat6 cable and the 4 channel NVR to the same Wireless Router using wireless connection.

The PC will be running Zviewer and I hope to see the output from all 12 cameras on the one PC Zviewer display.

Is this doable and do I need hard drives in both NVRs?

I don’t want to use the Internet.

With all the cameras on the same network, there shouldn’t be any problem viewing the cameras using Zviewer. I note it provides a viewing grid that can display 16 simultaneously, so the number isn’t a problem, either.

Connecting to the NVRs (as opposed to the camera) is another matter, however. I have a newer model 720p sPoE NVR, and while it can be added in Zviewer, there appears to be no way to actually access the NVR itself.

On another matter, if you aren’t looking to have hard drives in the NVR units, does that mean you aren’t going to be using them for recording? If so, are you only using them to power sPoE cameras?

LMcClure Thanks for your reply. I too noticed there is provision for a viewing grid that can display 16 cameras simultaneously so that shouldn’t pose as a problem, although 3 rows of 4 may have allowed me a bigger images from each camera.

In regard to the hard drives in the NVR units, I’m seeking thoughts on whether to to record all 12 cameras, from the 2 NVR units, on one Hard Drive in the host PC or on individual Hard Drives in each on the NVRs, From what you’re saying it looks unlikely that I’ll be able to access either NVR from the host PC.

I guess I don’t need to record on the NVRs it depends on whether all the options such as: motion detection, alerts etc, provided in the NVR software are available in the Zviewer software. Perhaps there is another package that will do more than Zviewer; Blue Iris or Genius Vision??

Either way I still have to use the Zmodo NVRs to power the cameras.

The newer cameras/firmware use a proprietary protocol that doesn’t appear to be supported by any third party software.

Recording using both NVRs would provide a bit of redundancy, since even if the hard drive in one of the NVR units (or the entire unit) stopped working, you would still have the other unit operating.

That is what I discovered after purchasing a replacement camera. The first generation cameras could be viewed in the excellent android app “ip cam Cam” by Robert Chou which could view them in a grid simultaneously by knowing the ip address, port, and password. Had all kinds of options (recording, alerts, etc.). But Zmodo’s new cameras no longer permit that. Real shame because Zmodo app is far from being upto snuff.