Motion setting w/o connecting directly to NVR


Is there any way to adjust the motion detection settings without going into settings directly on the NVR? I have the ZP-NE14-S and there is no way to connect to my OLED tv. I can view through the mobile app or using Zviewer but can’t adjust the settings for motion detection areas.


I use Zviewer to adjust the settings on my ZP-NE14-S no problem.


That image actually helped. I only added the NVR to the device list so I never saw that setting under the individual cameras. Thanks for posting this! -Dan


Update. So I was able to setup the motion settings but it won’t save them even after clicking save multiple times. If I close the program and go back to the settings, everything is blank again. Any suggestions?


Do you have the newer NVR firmware? You know, the one that Zmodo forced on their users which destroyed certain abilitiies?




The NVR software version is newer than the one you show but the camera is older. I know I’ve looked before to upgrade the individual cameras but wasn’t able to find the upgrade download.

NVR - v40.0.3.02
Camera - v5.0.0.14


To be honest I’d downgrade the NVR software. The version you have limits/removes a lot of functionality with respect to web access & connectivity. Zmodo may no longer agree to supply the lower revision but I’ve sent it to over 30 members now, each of which has been relieved to have functionality restored by it. Up to you - just PM me an email address.