Motion setting w/o connecting directly to NVR

Is there any way to adjust the motion detection settings without going into settings directly on the NVR? I have the ZP-NE14-S and there is no way to connect to my OLED tv. I can view through the mobile app or using Zviewer but can’t adjust the settings for motion detection areas.

I use Zviewer to adjust the settings on my ZP-NE14-S no problem.

That image actually helped. I only added the NVR to the device list so I never saw that setting under the individual cameras. Thanks for posting this! -Dan

Update. So I was able to setup the motion settings but it won’t save them even after clicking save multiple times. If I close the program and go back to the settings, everything is blank again. Any suggestions?

Do you have the newer NVR firmware? You know, the one that Zmodo forced on their users which destroyed certain abilitiies?



The NVR software version is newer than the one you show but the camera is older. I know I’ve looked before to upgrade the individual cameras but wasn’t able to find the upgrade download.

NVR - v40.0.3.02
Camera - v5.0.0.14

To be honest I’d downgrade the NVR software. The version you have limits/removes a lot of functionality with respect to web access & connectivity. Zmodo may no longer agree to supply the lower revision but I’ve sent it to over 30 members now, each of which has been relieved to have functionality restored by it. Up to you - just PM me an email address.

so I updated (downgraded) the firmware and now I can’t login to the NVR. Every time I try, zviewer returns a username or password error or get device info failed. Do I have to use an older version of zviewer? I tried to connect thru chrome but I just get a blank screen after entering my username and password. I thought when I clicked edit it would give the option to change the password. At least thats how I remember doing it.

The fact you can see a login screen via your browser shows you have installed it correctly. Are you using the default firmware’s username & password? Let me know if you don’t know what these are.

I can’t even get to the login screen using zviewer. When i click on “edit” it shows me the device name and ID, click next and it returns “get device info failed”. If i click on remote settings it returns a incorrect username or password error. If try through IE I was able to login but it wasn’t the default password. It was the password that I created. I tried to do a hard reset but it doesn’t seem to help. I might have to disconnect and use an older tv so i can see the NVR’s screen directly.

I dragged my upstairs TV to my living room and draped wires all over the floor to connect it directly to the NVR. I’ll try to make this short but my conclusion is zmodo sucks.

  1. I ended up re-updating the software because I wasn’t able to connect consistently with the lower version. May have nothing to do with the software version but I was becoming very frustrated with this setup.
  2. Motion still doesn’t work because when I try to add the setting directly on the NVR it always says the email settings failed even though I double checked to ensure they are correct. If I enter the exact same settings using zviewer, I can get it to verify the settings as correct (sends test email successfully) but it won’t save on the NVR.
  3. After re-updating the software, zviewer doesn’t work correctly. If I add the NVR through the LAN search, it finds the nvr but i can’t login to the device. If I add through the IP search, it adds and I can enter settings but I get no picture from the cameras and it doesn’t record.

Bottom line, I spent too much time on this and got nowhere and now have less functionality than before. Maybe someone can help but I have my doubts. I consider myself pretty handy with computers and this just sucks.

By the way, if anyone needs to connect a VGA-only output NVR to a HDMI-only TV, all you need is a VGA-to-HDMI converter, such as this one:

Note this converter requires a 1 amp USB power source.

If you look for a different one, just be certain you are getting an VGA to HDMI converter, and not the more common HDMI to VGA converter.