Motion Detection Area - For NVR Cameras

My Motion Detection Area is grayed out in the NVR cameras. I have 8 camera wireless NVR package.

I also have a couple of extra camera (bought before the NVR package) that have the Motion Detection Area enabled.

I believe at one time this did work, but not luck for several months.

I’m trying via the Zmodo app and the actual NVR. However the NVR doesn’t have this choice, but only the masking. It might be the masking that is the answer, mask out what I don’t care to see move (ie Flags and such).

I believe the option was stripped down on the latest firmware update on the NVR, but if you want to modify the detection area, go to the Zmodo App, select the NVR from the main screen, you will see all your cameras, click settings icon, once in the settings, select your NVR and you will see 4 options,Mode Settings, Sharing, Motion Detection Area and Night Vision, select Motion Detection Area and select the camera you would like to adjust.

Correct, that is where the selection of Motion Detection is. But it’s grayed out (un-clickable).

I think the solution is to mask out the area’s I don’t care if I see movement in the NVR itself, not the phone app.