Model: ZP-IBH13-W options to cloud service?

Hi all. Non-tech zmodo newbie here.

After searching this forum, google, eBay, etc., etc., I kinda concluded I could bypass having to pay for cloud services if only I purchased some sort of an animal by the name of “NVR”, so I went out on the search engines and I couldn’t find one of these NVR critters unless I wanted no less than 4 cameras along with it? See, I’ve already got 3 of the camera models in the topic of this discussion, I’m more than happy with them and I have no need for any other cameras. Is this a dilemma? And/or, could I just purchase a 2 TB external HD and reach my goal just as well (that is, to own my own camera recordings and content without any recurring payments to zmodo to store my content?

Looking for the following answers:

  1. Is it possible to do this with my wireless cameras, model ZP-IBH13-W?
  2. If so, what external HD options would you suggest?
  3. Best app to download and use for whatever HD storage options suggested?

Thanks in advance! I’m sure your answers will be useful to many others!

At the time I purchased my NVR, I found it was actually less expensive to purchase an NVR (on sale) with a set of cameras than the NVR alone.

In my case, I purchased an NVR with a set of 4 sPoE cameras, but I am using it without issue with my wireless cameras.

Thanx. So you’re saying a wireless NVR would work with my cameras? If so, what about the other options and questions…anybody?

I’m specifically saying an NVR intended for wired cameras will work with wireless cameras.

Thank you. So I’m assuming purchasing one of these NVR’s will accomplish my objective to abandon zmodo’s cloud service for my needs?

Also, what apps are good ones to use for an NVR integrated system (meshare, zmodo, etc.)?

Since last update Zmodo only allows you to connect to their NVR with their own software.
In my opinion I would recommend going to a different brand, as you will not be able to connect to your own NVR without going to internet, not even on the same LAN, and you will not be able to view the footage on a web browser, only a cellphone

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That is correct. Years ago I purchased a zmodo nvr with 4 wireless cameras. I can access it and the cameras within my home network using an excellent android app called ip camera viewer without having to use any of zmodo’s apps or cloud. I’ve since purchased 2 more zmodo wireless cameras but because Zmodo changed things I cannot access these directly through my home network and have to use one of zmodo’s apps to do so. That is by design. So I too, suggest using a different brand. But they may tie you to them too. So check first.

Thanks, great advice guys - for other newbies to zmodo. Unfortunately, since I posed the question here I’ve already purchased a zmodo NVR (OTW from Amazon). Oh well, I’ll live with it.

One more question (for now):

Do I need to purchase another modem since the one I have now only has one Ethernet input?

If you are looking to add more ports and/or WiFi capability, the best solution would be to add a router. If your modem also acts as a router, but doesn’t support acting in bridge mode (where it turns off network address translation and DHCP), you could always turn those off in the router and use it as just a switch + WAP. Note that on some routers that type setup would also require connecting the modem to the router via a LAN port, not the WAN port.

If your modem already has WiFi built-in, that means it already functions as a router. That likely means you just need more ports, in which case an Ethernet switch would be the best solution.