Model (NS-S61G-S) cameras NOT showing up and some showing up


I am having trouble viewing certain cameras. With the NS-S61G-S

Hardware Version = 799990229
Software Version = V45.1.0.13

Tried to do a firmware update and got the message. (I’m using the newest firmware out)
but I think it is not telling me the truth. If there’s any newer version firmware out there could you be so kind as to send it to me OR tell me how to get it so maybe my cameras will work.

The cameras that are not showing up are
Model (SD-H2905)
Firmware (V8.1.1.26)
Hardware (799990198)

I have confirmed that the NVR works only with my older cameras. I really hope someone knows what to do. This is there most expensive model.


Thank you @ScarletSpeedster. To let anyone else know if there having trouble like this the new firmware will solve the problem.