Mobile access for ZMD-DD-SBN8


With iOS11 the Zviewer 1.04 app I am using will no longer work to access my cameras via mobile. I tried the ZSight app and it could not recognize my DVR. Any ideas how I can get mobile viewing with iOS 11 with my ZMD-DD-SBN8?


You can try one of the 3rd party viewing apps. At the time when that system was still sold, ASee and MEye were the 2 more popular 3rd party apps.


Thanks - ASee+ works with my older unit and iOS 11.

What newer Zmodo model offers internet connectivity with a viewer that runs under iOS 11. Im looking for remote access and not just using the mobile app on my home network.


All of our current models use the Zmodo app, which works with iOS 11


try the tinycam app i think they have it for the ios i use it on my android and it works like a dream. i can view my dvr but i can’t do pan or voice as the cams don’t have that but on other cams that have it i can use all the functions