Miro USB Pin Printout

Hello All,

I was looking for the pin layout for the USB to RJ45. I remember seeing it a bit a go but seems I can not find it now.

Can anyone help me out… Thanks

I am still looking for the USB to RJ-45 but this may help in the meantime. Look here:

Patty had a link for this at Repair cable micro USB end? but that seems to be dead now.

Yes, that is the link with all the details and pictures. It would be good to know why it was deleted.
There is a real use case when someone needs to create such cable when original cable is not usable…

I agree Pasqualle. In a pinch this information would be of great use. Replacement cables take time to get and there will be need to repair a camera cable even as a temporary repair.

Perhaps someone can poke Patty and ask what happened?

Okay, I had one of my techs get the pin-outs on each end. It seems the pin-outs given by Patty are correct for the older Gen2. I have the correct pin-outs with “photo schematic” for the Gen 3 cable. See here…


For those not familiar with schematics, please note the “Red Dots” on the wiring indicates a connection where the “loops” indicate no connection.

Gen 3 is as follows:

USB to RJ45
pin 5 to 1
pin 4 to 2
pin 3 to 3
pin 2 to 6
pin 1 to 6

Please note, “probing” inside the Micro USB is very delicate work. I suggest using a “sewing straight-pin” taped to the end of your meter probe and a very gentle touch. The Micro-USB pins inside the connectors are easily bent and damaged. If you have a break-out box with the Micro-USB connections to use, this would be the best way to test your cables.

If you are needing the Gen 2 cable pin-outs this schematic can be transposed to the opposite style Micro-USB connector. The pin numbers are backwards and go the other way for the other gender.


I remember I was counting the micro usb pins backwards, as that seems to be normal order, based on google search. Then usb to rj45 is:
The 4-6 connection was not necessary.
So this is the same what Dr.Bob wrote above.

I have created a usb to rj45 cable from a regular micro-usb to usbA cable. All the details in that deleted forum post.

As I see, I actually needed this connector: (micro-usb to rj45 female from zmodo!)

But it was not available at that time, and still not available in Europe (amazon.de).
And it is not in zmodo store https://www.zmodo.com/store/. I do not understand that you can buy official zmodo stuff on amazon which is not available from the official zmodo store. What kind of marketing is this?

I, too wonder why it was deleted :frowning: I hope reverse engineering was okay. I would hate to loose access to the forums or to good information. I hope t was a slip of the mouse for a moderator… LOL

From experience, it seems the USB end on the 3rd Gen cables is very delicate! Any pulling (even very light) will snap the conductors inside the cable. Rather than pull a new 98’ wire, I would prefer to cut off the RJ45 end, add a new end (straight thru wires) and use a similar adapter as you discovered (inside a weatherproof box). A very easy fix. Thanks for the link, Pasqualle.


Thanks All… your help is much appreciated . As for the link that was deleted I have message Patty on it a couple of times with no reply from her at all. That is what prompted this thread.

Is Patty still active?

Dr Bob I saved that image.