Mini Wifi Cam Off-line


So I purchased (2) Zmodo Mini Wife Cam a couple of weeks ago.
Set them up and they worked great for the first 2 weeks.

Yesterday morning they both went off-line.
Tried to reconnect them. Deleted them and tried the setup again. Nothing.

Then I brought them into the room where the router is, and they worked fine.

So is it a weak wifi signal that is causing the issue? If so, why did they work for 2 weeks prior to yesterday?


It might have just been that they needed to be rebooted, and when moving them you had to unplug them and plug them back in.

If you do have a weak signal though, it is possible that camera access will go in and out periodically.


Was having issues with my zmodo cams appearing offline, bought a better router, an Asus router dual band with 3 antennas coming from a Belkin with no antennas and havent had any issues lately. I do get occasional loss of video but the area were I live has over 20 wireless APs. So perhaps you can try upgrading your router, moving it closer to the cams or just moving your cameras.


I should have mentioned, that after having the cameras working in the room with the router.
I moved them back to their original places, where again they went off-line again.


It sounds like a signal strength issue.