Micro USB to Ethernet


I rang out one of the Micro USB to Ethernet cables that are supplied with the camera system. The four conductors at the Ethernet end are connected as follows:

Ethernet Pin Micro USB Pin
1 1
2 2
3 3
6 4 and 5

Repair cable micro USB end?

This is the official pinouts for the MicroUSB devices. In blue is the CAT5 side of the cable, green is the MicroUSB side of the cable. Orange column is the camera (we strongly recommend against cutting the ends off of the cable.



Please be aware that a similar issue is coverd by the link above.


Hi, there is an incongruity between what Mososky and Patty says: who is right?
Is correct that blue and white/orange are crossing?


I think, technically, we are both correct, but we are counting the pins on the Micro-USB side differently, which accounts for the difference.

I was using a Micro-USB pinout diagram that counted pin 1 on the left when the plug is held small side down, and my guess is that @mososki was using a pinout diagram that counted pin 1 on the right when the plug is held small side down.

On our CAT5 wiring, 1 and 6 provide power. Pin 6 is the positive and 1 is negative. When the Micro-USB plug is held small side down the 5V positive pin should be the one that is furthest to the left.


Patty: if you count the pins on the micro usb in reverse order, then your connection would look like:
Ethernet - Usb
1 2
2 3
3 4
6 5
So it does not match what mososki wrote. You both wrote that the 5th pin on usb is unused, even one of you were holding the usb upside down.
Did anyone create this usb to ethernet cable already?


So I have created the cable.

What mososki wrote about the pin connections is true.
The micro usb pins are normally counted from right to left small side down, like this:

The required connection [utp pin->micro usb pin] is:

The good news is, that a common micro usb cable uses the same pins (1,2,3,5).

Therefore I did not have to solder a micro usb connector, connecting wire to wire is easier even when the wires used in usb cable are quite thin.



Another working cable, using rj11 connectors and coupler. I think this is the easiest option to connect 4 thin wires.