Meshare app slow and crashing on iphone


I have been having this issue for the past 2 weeks on my iphone (6s+ IOS11.2.5) and my wifes iphone (6+ IOS11.2.1), both running the latest meshare app, and latest carrier update. The Meshare app will take a very long time to log in, occasionally timing out and has me try to log in again. Sometimes it will get through only to have the app crash when trying to look at alerts or live video. Issue happens on both Cellular (Tmobile) and Wifi (AT&T). I have restarted my home router as well as rebooted the zmodo camera system.

We have the 4 Camera 720P POE system.

The Meshare website works and the Zmodo app for iphone works but of course you cant view alerts from this app with our camera system.

I ran a packet capture off my iphone using Mac with XCode which shows the meshare servers sending my phone numerous X11 Unknown event codes when the crash happens.


I’m having the exact same issue on my iPhone. I can sometimes get it to work if I hard quit the app and try again. I also keep the Zsight app as a backup and that seems to be working fine.


The Meshare app appears to be working today. It will display a notification when signing in that says:

“Dear Valued User,
Thank you for using Meshare. We have an exciting new app available that will bring improved connection speeds and stability to live viewing and alerts. In order to receive these improvements, please download our latest Zmodo app. If you continue to use the Meshare app, some device features will not be accessible. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Funny thing is, the Meshare app is working now every time i open it. I would switch to the new Zmodo app if the alerts would work.