Max HD Size for ZM8002

I have an 8-camera Zmodo system I purchased a year ago now. It has a 2TB hard disk installed, but I would like to have a longer storage time for the videos. Can I throw in a 6TB NAS drive and will it work in the Zmodo NVR? I know the “official” support page says 2TB max (which sucks) but I’m wondering if that just hasn’t been updated and the NVR can read and properly use a larger capacity drive. If not, I’m going to look at setting up a Windows PC as the viewer/monitor/recorder. If this is the way to go, what is the best software option (I hear Blue Iris is great?) – or is the official ZViewer thing “OK” for a simple 8-camera setup?

Appreciate any/all replies and suggestions here. Personal experience will be appreciated as well if you have done this or similar. Thanks!