Lost Multi-View


I there a way to restore the multi-camera live feed? I saw a someone ask this question and the tech stated cameras must be added as a group, otherwise you can view live multiple cameras but there was no explanation on how to do this. I have nine cameras all listed separately in the app and can only view them one at a time. These are new Zmodo indoor and outdoor cameras.


Delete all of the cameras from the app

Factory reset all cameras so that they are blinking green
(Using the Zviewer PC software –http://surveillance.zmodo.com/media/downloader/tool/Zviewer2.0.1.6_Setup.exe)

Then Zink all cameras at the same time.

If you have an NVR, you can just add the NVR.


Thanks, I have a Greet Pro and a beam. Should I restore those as well?


no, those shouldn’t go in the multi-view


Wasted about 3 + hours trying to reconnect these cameras through Zink. I ended up having to load them one at a time and I am back where I started with no multi-view. I don’t blame you, but I hate these cameras and app. Nothing works the same since I downloaded the Zmodo App update 2 weeks ago. I wish I could send these all back


@irishlad it sounds like you didn’t get the cameras factory reset prior to attempting the re-Zink


I definitely reset to factory settings with the software you sent me. All cameras switched to flashing green, but I was not able to load the cameras all at once as I said. I dealt with tech support who actually recommended I bring in all the outdoor cameras inside close to the router. Problem with that is that they are permanently mounted and some are high up. So frustrating


One more question, if I factory reset the cameras, can I reconnect them in auto with the beam?


Yes, but it won’t add the multi-view.

Multi-view is available on NVRs without adding all cameras at the same time.

Also, they are planning on adding in a manual grouping option soon. That will enable you to group them for multi-view without adding.


Great, I will hold off restoring them again. Hopefully the update comes soon