Lost all cameras after NVR Reset

Ok, here is my problem.
I had a zmodo NVR with 4 wifi outside cameras (ZP-IBH15-W) + 4 wifi inside cameras. Everything was working kind of fine (as good as zmodo allows you to). The monitor connected to my NVR died. It was an old 4:3 monitor. I connected a new one (16:9) and the signal was out of range. I tried to find a way to reset it to factory settings, or change resolution. No way.
I made the “mistake” (which in now way I consider a mistake) of reseting the NVR to factory settings. I now have a working monitor but no cameras. 7 out of 8 are blinking green. They are not broadcasting the Zmodo SSID nor connecting to my wifi (checked the router, ran ipscan, etc). They do not have a reset button. So… what do I do to have my cameras working again?

Try removing all your cameras using that option on the Zmodo app. Then add them again the same way you did the during initial set up. I had a similar problem with one of the systems I work with and this worked for me. Also make sure you have the latest firmware on the NVR and the cameras. Hope this works for you.

Tried that, they are not even showing in the zmodo app or website.

Issue closed. Contacted chat support and they did not know anything, but tech support over the phone was able to help me. After a firmware update cameras are not added by wifi anymore, they now use the qr code, but not the one on wireless device and smart kit, the one that says QR codezmodo

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I don’t believe all the features/settings of the NVRs/DVRs are available in any of the apps. You need to always have console access to those units. I am assuming that is an 8-port unit, right? Does the camera table show anything?