Issues seeing cameras in zviewer on NS-S61G-S

Okay, This must be related to the software updates because, this WAS working fine yesterday. Hardware is a NS-S61G-S 16 channel NVR. Hardware version is 799990229 Software version is I had a similar issue with 2 8 channel NVRs. Zmodo replaced them as they said the firmware was not available to fix them. they are working fine. This 16 channel was fine. I can add the cameras when I do a search for IPC, but they used to show under the NVR. When trying to display the cameras connected to the NVR, ZViewer shows a blank screen. Any suggestions. I love it when things work then changes are made that causes them to fail.
BTW, I have installed ZViewer v

I’m having the same exact issue, on the same NVR.

Well, here is where I’m at on this issue…
I’m told if I revert to the previous version of the firmware ( & I have been sent the firmware and instructions, thank you very much ZMODO support for that {& I’m sincere in this}) I will void any warranty with respect to the firmware but not the hardware. That’s fair enough. :slight_smile:

If Ieave the NVR as is, I can view what is recorded by the cameras via ZViewer and I can add the cameras separately into ZViewer (which is kind of a pain but it works). I cannot view them directly from the NVR in ZViewer though (though this might be fixed at a future date with the next firmware update).

The biggest issue with this is that you have to trial and error which camera you want to view because you can’t change the names to something that you can understand (instead of an IP address).

So at his point I’m kind of in limbo…Do I regress the firmware and take a chance of screwing up the regression and not having any fall back as far as the warranty goes or do I wait. Well At this point I think I’ll wait.

Note to ZMODO: Please, please, think about the consequences for your users (& I am trying to be a faithful one). I would have liked to have been given a CHOICE when this was updated. I did not ask for it (yes I know it is more secure) BUT mine is behind a firewall and is NOT assessible from the outside world (and probably never will be). I liked it the way it was when everything just worked.
Please try to make the neccessary changes in your firmware programing to allow your NVRs & IPCs to work as they once did AND be secure.