Issues after updated firmware to V4.1.0.8 for ZP-IBI13-W



for those who need the firmware, pls send me your email adress through private message ; i’ll be glad to help


Hi Patty. I previously had a problem with a firmware update six months ago. While away on business all of my non-POE cameras stopped working. Every camera ZP-IBI13-W that I have, 8 in total stopped working. The show up black screen on nvr, zviewer and MeShare. They are running and have IR lights on at night. Just no video stream. Same thing happened with a previous firmware update but I have not manually updated anything.

All other POE Cameras are working without problems. All wireless cams are running as wired with Ethernet




Hi Cali_Fr - I can’t seem to be able to create a new private message to you (presumably this is locked down as I’m a new member to the forum, but maybe I’m just missing something obvious). Also have a useless Zmodo IBH13-W cam and need to downgrade to - would you mind PM’ing me please with the firmware?


We have 8 cameras at our resort that are scattered throughout. We were going to add more but aren’t sure now after the trouble we started having.
We have an NVR H.264 Device name: ZP-NC18-S.
Our cameras are all wired through our network even though they have wireless capability. They are Model# ZP-IBH13-W.
Our cameras were all working fine until March 9 when at 2:00a.m. 5 out of 8 received a new firmware update. v4.1.0.10.
The 3 cameras that are still working didn’t receive the firmware update. They have v4.1.0.8. Our NVR has v43.02.10.
We have not been able to get the other cameras working through the NVR. Through ZViewer we were able to manually access the cameras through a Laptop but the IP Address is continually changing on it’s own. We would lose the access. We had our internet provider come out and spend several hours trying to get our cameras connected. He tried calling customer support and was on hold for over 2 hours. He finally gave up. He has been a IT guy for 27 years and couldn’t get the NVR to show more then the 3 cameras that didn’t receive the firmware update.

A week after the cameras went offline I had contacted customer support at ZMODO to try and help.
They gained access to our computer network and tried to get the cameras back up and running to no avail.
They said it was our network hence why we contacted our internet provider Blackfoot in Montana.
I was asked by customer support when the cameras were installed and I had no answer. I didn’t start work at the
Rimrock until August 2016. The previous managers are no longer employed here. Support was willing to replace the system if it was still under warranty but I can’t find any information as to when they were purchased or installed.

We want the cameras wired not wireless even though they are wireless capable.
Thank you for any help in this matter!


Hi Cali_Fr -
I can’t seem to be able to create a new private message to you (presumably this is locked down as I’m a new member to the forum, but maybe I’m just missing something obvious). Also have a useless Zmodo IBH13-W cam and need to downgrade to und - would you mind PM’ing me please with the firmware?


Hi Cali_Fr
I also can’t seem to be able to create a new private message to you - would you mind PM’me please with the firmware?


Hello salvalo22. This camera is one of these cameras that I bought:

I kinda regret buying them, because then I learned that they didn’t support the ONVIF protocol. I like ONVIF because I can attach them to my home automation controller, and be independent from Zmodo software. I have another set of 4 Zmodo cameras that do indeed support ONVIF (ZP-IBI13-W). However, Zmodo has broken this setup too since the last firmware upgrade, when these cameras started to encrypt the video stream and made the ONVIF stream unusable.

I’m a systems architect and I’m currently working on this product here in Brazil. Our #1 rule is: never, ever, break a working solution or system that is relying on your software. If you HAVE to break it, be sure to make workarounds available BEFORE breaking them. If I was the architect behind this move by Zmodo, I would have made the stream encryption as a strongly suggested OPTION, turned on by default. The funny thing is, we only have about 10 clients. Zmodo has thousands of customers, and don’t think about these situations. Go figure.


Still no resolution. Someone help please.


How about Blue Iris Can you Help Me there?


Sorry I wish I could help, but I am not using Blue Iris, although the instructions are same for every 3rd party software.
Basically you need to log into each camera individually, set the port numbers (you can keep the same port number for all cameras) and then go to your router, and then start forwarding 4 different ports to 4 different camera IPs with same ports.

Once you do that, you will be able to monitor cameras remotely using any 3rd party software you have.

If you will be using Blue Iris locally, then you don’t need to forward any ports, just input the IP address and Port Numbers of each cameras to Blue Iris, put the password and they will appear. Then if you want to monitor Blue Iris remotely, you just need to forward one port to the workstation that’s running Blue Iris.

For example your cameras can be , and so on.


hi do you still have the firmware?


Do you have it still? I need They refuse to give it to me.


I have 20 cameras and two NVR (8 and 32 CH).

I refuse to use the cloud service. Even if it was free I’d still have to pay to upgrade my internet connection.

My 32 CH NVR works ok at best, even with just 16 cams running. I was very disappointed when I got an HD cam but none of the recordings I can copy from the NVR are in HD.

I want to use third party software to record the streams and get some better motion detection and event logging.

But support is refusing to give me the old firmware. If anyone has the files please share them.