Issues after updated firmware to V4.1.0.8 for ZP-IBI13-W


[quote]Not everyone can figure out how to see the hidden networks. I can, but
no one is really going to take the time to do that. Also use mac address
filtering for the cameras. Maybe I’m just anal about this stuff. Better
super safe than sorry.[/quote]
The problem is that neither “hiding” the eSSID nor MAC filtering even remotely qualify as a security precaution. What you’re doing doesn’t qualify as “super safe” in any way.
I fully support securing your network, especially in regards to a security product like an NVR and cameras. However you’re putting a lot of effort down non-productive paths.
The best analogy I can give is that you’re trying to secure the third-storey windows on a building, but you’ve not bothered to secure the ground floor.
Wireless is inherently vulnerable. Not only to infiltration, but also to disruption (the magnetron from a microwave even operates at 2.45GHz and is about 3,500 times stronger signal than WiFi devices. Cheap, readily-available jammer).
So if you’re serious about securing your setup, switch to wired and PoE. Of course with the NVR and PoE injectors on a UPS to handle power interruption. With the NVR and cameras on their own dedicated network segment, isolated from the rest of your network.


Vincent, I can send you this firmware. Let me know how I can send it to you via private message.


I’ve been reading this post because I was one of the stupid ones who updated to Do you still have the firmware? Zmodo is unresponsive.


Yeap, I do. Send me your contact via private message and I’ll forward it to you too. If anyone else need this firmware, please send me private messages directly, so we don’t flood this thread with these requests. About Zmodo support… I really don’t know what is happening at Zmodo. Sometimes they answer promptly… sometimes they simply ignore your e-mails for a few days.


Can you help me with the old firmware for the ZP-NJ18-S NVR
or the ZP-IBH!$-S Cameras?


sorry zp-ibh15-s that was a typo!!


I would like to help you but, unfortunately, I don’t have the firmware for these devices. I only have the firmware v4.1.0.5 for the ZP-IBI13-W cameras and the v7.8.0.24 for the ZP-IBH13-W (ZM-W0007) cameras.


I could really use those firmwares for the camera and i have the NVR ZP-NE14-S if you have the firmware for that as well. Thanks in advance!


Hi Mattinwi

I’ll transfer you the file I got from Vinicius


My one did a update yesterday and kill the camera


Just contact live chat and they will send previous firmware roll back like they did with me within a couple of minutes…


Is anyone here accessing cameras individually? They seem to work with no password even though password is set for each camera. I cannot use the NVR to access the stream remotely, but I can use each camera in my zmodo app ZVIEWER on my Windows laptop to see the streams.

I cannot view recordings anymore, though.



I also in need of firmware v4.1.0.5 for the ZP-IBI13-W after an update to the new software. And my 3:rd party viewer SW stopped working. If you still have it I around I would be very happy to get hold of it.


Exoro, try adding cameras individually to your 3rd party software. Which software are you using?


Hi, I,m using tinyCAM pro


I assume you already set the port forwarding for each camera, as well as Web and Mobile ports on each camera.
I lost connection but I was able to get them back after restarting each camera, changing the ports on my router and pointing them all to 8000.

Then using your WAN IP or DDNS domain use following:

Camera name: “ZH-IXA15-WC… whateve ryou want here”
Vendor: Zmodo
Model: ZP-IBH13-W
Hostname: DDNS or your WAN IP ADDRESS
Port: The port that you use use to forward
Protocol: Proprietary (H264)
Username: admin
Password: ***********
Channel number: 1
SSL: Yes


Today my NVR (ZP-NK16-S) automatically upgraded its firmware from v45.1.0.13 to v45.1.1.12, rendering it incompatible with zViewer once again. Here I go asking Zmodo for a downgrade firmware once again:frowning:

This kind of “security breaches” that these upgraded firmwares are solving are a non-issue to me, really. My system is behind a firewall that I configured myself through iptables and, besides, I’m more comfortable managing the public ports on my firewall than letting the NVR send information through the cloud (and consuming my data quota). I really don’t need the streams to be encrypted or anything like that. I use the cameras primarily to monitor our cats. Wanna see it? I show you (screenshot of our “prison break” cat escaping from home below). My system not working the way it used to when I researched and bought it, that is a big issue.

So, I have to ask you Zmodo, please, send me this firmware and stop messing with my security system. Please. You and me both have better things to do with our time. Please. Please.

Thank you.


What camera is this? the quality is excellent nothing compared to mine



I mistakenly updated my IBH13W to the v4.1.0.8.:anguished:
I really need the v4.1.0.5, to get things working again. Can anyone please supply me with the v4.1.0.5 ?

Device Type: ZP-IBH13-W
HW: 799990092


I unknowingly updated to as well, could I get the firmware too? Thanks!