Issues after updated firmware to V4.1.0.8 for ZP-IBI13-W


Hi, Newbie question but one I am struggling to get any support with.I would like to know where I can find more information about where to find firmware versions for my camera (ZP-IBI13-W) but am having no joy with online chat support and no responses to emails. So, I wanted to ask the community what advice they could give me. I live in Europe so telephoning zmodo support isn’t practicable.



I mailed the support alias and they emailed me the firmware to downrev the camera.



Thanks for the reply, I emailed support two days ago but heard nothing so far. Reading up on this issue, it appears that rolling back firmware is not now company policy as it was back in August/September. It’s a shame because I want to purchase several more cameras but only if I can return the functionality I once had.


I need to roll back my firmware also.
I use my home computer to record video and now I have lost one of the camera due to the update please help.
I don’t want to forced to use cloud storage I didn’t pay all this money for the cameras only to be stopped from using them
Please help


I’m running and my cam’s went offline. How do I fix this as I cannot user the zmodo ios app

ZM-SS7009D8-S - V43.8.0.6

ZM-SS78D001-S - V7.0.0.2



Or then I download the firmware V4.1.0.5


Thank you


Hello, new here but after reading I feel I am among friends that share a common problem. I also upgraded my firmware in an attempt to solve a recording problem. Boy was that a mistake. my ZP-IBH13-w lost functionality with Zviewer on my PC. After several Emails to tech support they sent me version which got my Zviewer back but I lost my ability to connect from my phone with Zsight. Is this a common problem and how can it be solved? Thanks in advance.


I don’t know why Zmodo does not fix the problem whatever the security hole they had and let us access our cameras and recordings locally.


Weird I haven’t had this issue.


Dear zmodo/Patty
Can there be any option to allow our cameras to work via Tiny Cam or other 3rd party softwares?


That’s not true, after the update only web server functionality went away, my cams are still working fine with BlueIris. I guess their official explanation for the change is security, while it is most likely greed - they are trying to generate add’l income.


That indicates you have only updated the NVR. The cams haven’t been updated yet. Once you update the cams, they will stop working through 3rd party software.

Please be aware that we do not generate any additional income through these updates, as the platform is free.


Can someone provide me with and ?


Today my cameras stopped working after this upgrade, the very day that our cat went away from home and didn’t come back. We could check the camera recordings to know exactly what happened, but, thanks to Zmodo, their update broke our system without warning us.

Here is some feedback for Zmodo: They were very unfortunate in making these “upgrades”. What kind of upgrade is this that don’t even warn the users about loosing very important features? This is highly unprofessional and very annoying. This was an amateur decision that I did not expect from Zmodo or any other reliable company.

I’m so pissed with Zmodo that I don’t even want this system fixed anymore. Zmodo’s competitors will have to make an herculean effort to make such bad decisions as they did.

Where are the firmware download links? Why aren’t they public? Why do you treat your customers as idiots that can’t decide for themselves whether they want to download a file and upgrade or downgrade their system’s firmware?

I’m beyond disappointed. I’ve thrown away hundreds of dollars in Zmodo products. Never again.


The firmware update has been out for more than 6 months, your cameras should have auto-updated a while ago. We haven’t had any reports of the V4.1.0.8 update breaking things. What indicated that the V4.1.0.8 update broke the cameras?


The upgraded cameras don’t show any video in zViewer and neither are being recorded by the NVR. The onvif video is not available, as the web interface. The other cameras are identical to one of the upgraded ones, but they didn’t upgrade because… well, probably because the upgrade procedure also doesn’t work as it should.

My system was:
Camera 1: ZP-IBI13-W-S (Working)
Camera 2: ZP-IBI13-W-S (Working)
Camera 3: ZP-IBI13-W-S (Working)
Camera 4: ZP-IBI13-W-S (Upgraded to - Not Working)
Camera 5: ZP-IBH13-W-Q2 (Upgraded to - Not Working)
Camera 6: ZP-IBH13-W-Q2 (Upgraded to - Not Working)

The NVR says its firmware is the latest version.

Images below.

Onvif test - upgraded camera:

Onvif test - not upgraded camera:

Upgraded ZP-IBH13 is now recognized as ZM-W0007, for some reason:


For the cams on the V7.8.0.46, the ZP-IBH13-W-Q2 is a model for a 2 camera pack that contains 2 cameras with the ZM-W0007 SKU# (Model ZP-IBH13-W) Those two cameras would never have been Onvif compliant.

Your cameras are still working. The video stream has been encrypted to increase security. As long as the NVR was upgraded with the cameras, you will still have all of the video footage from those cameras.

The Zviewer software is not compatible with the newer encryption type. To view the live view on your camera go to


Hi Patty,

I was pretty happy with my ZP-IBH13-W until last week when I stupidly decided to “upgrade” to

I spent hours after the upgrade trying to understand why I couldn’t record anymore through zviewer… until I found this thread ; now can you please just provide a link for me to roll back to



Links to firmware updates can’t be posted on the forum. We have had too many issues in the past with people getting the wrong firmware and bricking their device.

If you are interested in having support send you the link, please email us through, otherwise you can contact other users through private message, and they can send you the link there. I recommend verifying the model and current firmware version before updating. Bricking a device with a manual firmware push will void the warranty.


well, I actually sent an email to support last week, but no answer so far…