Issues after updated firmware to V4.1.0.8 for ZP-IBI13-W


Have you tried upgrading the firmware from the NVR? I had this issue when I plugged in my older NVR with an older firmware. Cameras will work but they will show up as black in the NVR Screen. Try it and let us know.


I have also got a ns-s41e-s after firmware update i cant use ZViewer anymore.
Does not show video , also not on playback …

zmodo preview on my mobile phone still works.

Where can we find the older firmwares ???!

mailed support Zmodo -> no answer.


Yes. I’ve done this but still I have only black screen. After many tries I rolled back the firmware and now it’s OK. Zmodo support is really bad. They told me it was supposed to be hardware issue and took time after I could have the firmware file because they told me that I could not get it trough chat and when I called them there was a 60 minutes waiting. Then I tried chat again and they sent me the firmware. They never answered my mail. Never buy their products again and never update my kit.


Good to hear your set up is now working correctly.
By any change do you experience lots of pixelation on your NVR and online feeds over
After that firmware upgrade and before the launch of the beta cloud system my records are extremely pixelated.


I updated to version v4.1.0.8 and my camera isnt working also. Chated online they cant do a dang thing except tell you to download another program!!!


What method were you using to access it now that isn’t working?


Patty I have used them all for pc and android…the one that worked best was the zmodo app for android except the camera is showing offline most of the time . Like I said my camera was working fine till I did the update.


and it also now is having a hard time connecting to my wifi extender…it had never done that before till this update


If it is saying offline, or having difficulty connecting to WiF, you may need to use the Zink setup method instead of the older setup for wireless devices.


I emailed Zmodo asking for earlier firmware file for my NVR, no reply so far.
Can we please get zmodo to post the older firmwares, or at least fix the app and zsight / zviewer apps to work with newer firmware? This is extremely inconvenient, the NVR is nearly useless if I cannot monitor it from my computer and playback recordings like I always did.


No, Zmodo will not post the firmwares. There was a significant issue with customers attempting to apply an incorrect firmware version, and bricking their system. As a result we have removed all posted firmwares.

Be sure to include the ID in your email for the fastest response.


Thank you Patty, I got a response from Zmodo, it wasn’t so bad, thank you so much for quick reply. I am waiting for the reply with firmware so we can fix this issue. In the meantime I really hope zmodo is working on a fix. First thing people do when they have issues is upgrade firmware. It shouldn’t cause more issues.

In reference to wrong firmware, maybe you can create a system where user can input Device ID#, and Zmodo can let them download the firmware. Just thinking out loud.

Thanks again, I hope to get my awesome NVR functionality back. It is actually really good so I hope it stays that way.


The problem with doing that is that we do not want customers rolling back the firmware on devices. It is a security risk. We recommend against it.

There are a number of attacks on the internet that are exploiting internet of things (IoT) devices. Most notably there was recently a major DDoS attack that caused outages on some major sites.

It is important for us to avoid any situation where our devices could be exploited in that manner. The recent updates are geared at sealing security holes that would allow for the devices to be exploited in that manner.

We do not want it to be easy to do something which we consider to be a damage to the product. We also do not want people to void the warranty on their products, which is what happens when the firmware is rolled back.


Thanks Patty, I understand, but it’s either a functional but potentially unsecure NVR vs secure but partially functioning device. Now, what would most people prefer? People hacking and watching their cameras/backyards/garages but they can still login and view their recordings to catch potential intruders, etc or secure/safe NVR but they can’t easily view their recordings.

Unless Zviewer was also updated, right now I have no way of viewing my recording easily. Was there an update to any other software that we can use to access our NVR locally over network in order to view recordings? Luckily, thank god that meshare android app is updated and now it is working, but even that doesn’t allow us to view recordings.

In the meantime, I emailed you back with Device ID, but so far I don’t have any reply back with older f/w version. Most people would have no problem if the zviewer was updated but you guys made your NVR so secure that even your own software cannot access to recordings or live feed. :frowning:


Hacking and watching isn’t the problem, as indicated in my previous response, the problem is people being able to use IoT devices to perpetrate DDoS attacks, and also possibly using the IoT device as a doorway to get into the rest of the network.

There isn’t anything more important than security.


I understand what you are saying and it makes sense. I don’t know what to do with the NVR. My only other option is to find a different computer, keep it running 24/7 and try to run a 3rd party monitoring software by paying them and have that give me remote access instead of NVR.

You guys made the NVR so secure even it’s own software cannot access it anymore. If there is any other way to view recordings remotely, please help us with your suggestions.



Zviewer isn’t the software for those products. Zviewer was designed to work with the ZMD-NV-SBN4, and the pre-P2P products. It was never intended to be used with the P2P products. The software for the P2P products would be the MeShare and Zmodo apps.

Additionally, the P2P products were never intended to offer a remote playback option. While we have suggested that the development team add in the functionality, any remote playback functionality that was available in the future was unintentional.


Patty, are any of the features removed when accessing the camera over the web gonna return or be added to the app?
For example, if you place you camera upside down, we were previously able to go to the ip cams address and make those changes. What about turning on and off the green and blue led lights that show connection established. What about when one needs to change wifi SSID on the camera, its really difficult and time consuming running the app to set up, When you would just log in to the camera and make those changes right away.

The updates on firmware to tight up security brought more headaches and problems to users/customers than value added.

Also, unlimited notifications was free before beta cloud service was introduced and now its motion alerts are gone after 24 hours for all devices. This is a step back in product we acquired. System is useless now if you have an NVR, because you want us to migrate to the cloud. I have 2 nest outdoor cameras and I paid almost the same amount as my zmodo system and comparing it, nest blows zmodo out of the water, Motion alerts are accurate, detect persons and I can review my video from my phone. connection to my cameras is instant less than a second I have live view of my 2 cameras. I go back to the zmodo app and it takes around 10 secs for live view to show up even on the same network my cameras are connected to.

I can even watch the motion alert picture on my wrist with my smart watch with the nest system.


I understand, but I am referring to Zviewer software for windows in order to view my recordings on ZP-NE14-S.
What I don’t understand is why can’t there be a local version of meshare website so we can see our recordings. It’s really strange that we can see our stream through website and some of our recordings (works terribly slow because it still goes over internet) on meshare android app, but we cannot see our recordings or stream using any local application.



From my experience the app/web cloud stuff does not give you the granularity to
tune CAM settings like the Zviewer does. I have never been able to access the
web service on my CAM’s so the windows application has been the only way.

Has anyone accessed the cam’s web interface successfully?

Thx, Gary…