Issues after updated firmware to V4.1.0.8 for ZP-IBI13-W


I have the same issue. After FW updated to, my ZP-IBH13-W became blank to my network DVR. I was unable to use PC to view the camera. Only thing worked is ZSight on Android phone.

Extremely disappointed with Zmodo since I brought from them. The cloud storage was the reason I brought it, but never has work for a year.

Please provide information where to download the old FW. :angry:


I have asked the same question but dont get any reply. They have
introduced encryption on
the new software loads (there was no warning of this) now
owners of your cameras directly have Lost a great deal of
the functionality they could used last week.

        Overall the functionality is greatly reduced and is not
          what I purchased from you. Overall this is a backward

        Purchased last year just update the
            software as per your instructions to V4.1.0.8 - SKU

          Just purchased a couple of months ago
            just update the software as per your
            instructions to V7.8.0.36  SKU ZP-1BH13-W

        Although I can see the live video using Using 
        it does not allow any changes or  operate any adjustments
        of  the cameras, frame rate, colour setting, contrast,
        brightness, the time zone, video masks, hot spots and one of
        the my  cameras allowed email alerts which was being used
        which you cant set up now, because you CANT see what you are


        if you cant link to the cams via IP address I have no
        control over MY cameras. If the past all these could be done
        via using the cameras IP address, login and using the
        commands, now you can't due to the encryption all you get is
        a BLANK screen.  In one software down grade you have limited
        your products use.

        I would like to swap back to the old software to make the
          cameras usable


I believe this changes were done before the cloud service went live or still in beta, I noticed my cameras resolution were downgraded due to extreme pixelation on the NVR and meshare. I went into the settings and changed the resolution and boom back to normal 720p image, but now with the new REV update all cameras resolutions have downgraded, and unable to move the settings back to 720p (this was probably a measure to not overload their servers) Very disappointed at the service provided by zmodo)


Cloud service is not considered live yet, it is only a beta release at this point.


I’m very frustrated with this situation too. I’ve done the same and upgraded my firmware but have lost OVIF output to Security Spy (my recording software). I’ve been sent the role back firmware but am unsure how to install it.


Hi, I have managed to roll back the software for both of my
cams and they are working as the were and don’t have thrown them out.

To install the old software you need
to save the software into a folder, don’t re name it. Clearly you need the
right load for your cam.

Use Zviewer and find your cam, you do this by searching you
LAN for you cam. Go to the “add device” it is shown as a + with a magnifying glass.

A window will open and you need to search the LAN for your
cam. Once you have found it, click on it and click add, then finish.

As your using the new software you won’t be able to see the
cam video feed but you should be able to log in to it.

Click on the IPC address, click with the right mouse key and
click the EDIT, you should then see the log in window.

Enter your admin ID and password. Click OK, this gives you “edit
device successfully”.

.Click on the IPC address again click with the right mouse key and click the
“remote setting” a window will open, click on advanced setting, then
Update, then “manual update”, use the three … to find the update
file you have saved. Click on the file and it should open, Then click update and that should be it.

Bare in mind it may not work but it did for me - good
luck. This should be something Zmodo
should be telling you not me.


Once you have the software downloaded, either remember where it was downloaded to or move it to the desktop for simplicity sake.


STEP 1: Open Zviewer
STEP 2: On the left hand side of the window in device list you will see your cam IPC-192-168-1-?? RIGHT CLICK with your mouse
STEP 7: Another pop up box will open…LEFT CLICK “left hand box with the 3 dots” browse for the software you downloaded & click on it



I’ll tell you, this update v7.8.0.36 is frustrating. I spent lots of money for my Blue Iris server. It does way more than Zmodo’s cloud recording. I have two rigs, one for home and one for work, which uses a lot of the Zmodo Wifi Cameras.

Zmodo claims that they did this for security reasons? How can you close one so called security risk and open up another one? With both my setups, the networks do not broadcast their SSID. The system at the Hotel has 6 access points spread out the Hotel. They are hidden physically and I also don’t broadcast the network names. My setup at home is also large, so it has a dedicated network that can handle all the streams without impacting my other network. Now that I have updated to v7.8.0.36, I can not hide the network or the cameras can not connect. I have a total of 8 cameras, 6 were effected this update. If I hide the network, only 2 (which run a previous firmware) will stay connected. All the rest get knocked off. Maybe in a casual environment having the SSID hidden isn’t a concern, but for me it is. Security is security and to take away an important option is stupid on Zmodo’s behalf.

I sent my email for firmware v7.8.0.20, which was the last good working version. I guess now it’s just a waiting game.


I have both those cameras with v4.1.0.8 and v7.8.0.36. which pretty much turn these cameras into complete rubbish. I have firmware and successfully reverted. However i’m searching for v7.8.0.20 which i cannot find anywhere. Only versions I found were .16 and .24 and Zmodo refused to help even though it’s my product.


@xzavier.omyda Hiding your SSID does not increase security. Anyone who you would need to worry about can locate your SSID without difficulty. Our current gen wireless cams have been unable to connect to a hidden SSID since the Smartlink connection method was introduced. (some argument to be made for them not working before that either.) That happened in late 2014, long before the encryption update.


Yea, but its an extra layer that I like. Not everyone can figure out how to see the hidden networks. I can, but no one is really going to take the time to do that. Also use mac address filtering for the cameras. Maybe I’m just anal about this stuff. Better super safe than sorry.

Also FYI, someone from Zmodo sent me the firmware I asked for. All cameras now work as they did before the latest update. Also all cameras now connect to my hidden SSID.

I just do not understand why Zmodo wants to force people to accept the firmware update. I mean they will lecture you and lecture you. I bought these cameras for a specific purpose and the update breaks that purpose. The customer should be allowed, at their own risk, to go backwards. I don’t use the Zmodo app, it doesn’t have the features I need. Yet Zmodo resorts to scare tactics to keep people from going backwards. Yes, I know that I can no longer see a live feed on the Zmodo app, but who cares, I don’t use the app. I really only use it for the initial setup of the camera.

I say give people the option, warn them on the possible consequences and give them the update. Just require that they submit the camera model # and the ID#, so that if they brick it, they can’t try to RMA it. It’s really simple. Me, I went backwards with no issues at all. Now I can watch and record my home from Blue Iris. Get the same notification that Zmodo gave me, but with the ability to heavily modify how and when I get them.


That was actually a good read! Thanks!


There are some serious security holes that were fixed by the update. People have been expressing serious concern over those for some time. The most specific being the lack of authentication required to access the cameras video stream through port 8000.

As a company that focuses on the priority of security (our slogan “Your Security, Our Priority”), and not convenience, it should be pretty obvious why we are trying to push a significant security update.


I wouldn’t mind the upgrade for security reasons but when I go to the cloud feature it says my device is not supported and coming soon. Before the update I could record to my computer and view cameras through Zviewer. Now I can only see video and snapshots of movement through the phone app. Makes it useless for my business. How about opening up a different port or something to get Zviewer working. Something. I wouldn’t mind paying a little per month for cloud service but I can’t even access it. The web site has been saying cloud service is coming for quite a long time and then when it is rolled out whammo no more viewing on my computer. Could we have a new Zviewer with upgraded capacity to view the cameras securely? Kind of like the firware updates for the NVRs? I was just getting ready to buy more cameras. Not going to do that until this is fixed.


They have updated authentication on port 8000, so obviously they could update Zviewer but I do not think that is there goal. Goal to push all customers to the cloud is like closing down your business. Cameras were awesome when the user had more control. Only allowing there own NVR’s with new fimrware + cloud makes Zmodo cameras rubbish as it takes full control away from it’s users. They are playing the monopoly game.


Class action? How many cameras just became useless. I want my money back. Trying to watch the cameras through a browser is a nightmare too. The delay is horrible even over a high speed connection. I was just watching my camera in my warehouse and I saw a person delivering product and then the person opens my door. 60 yards away from where the camera said they were. That makes me feel safe. When it was coming in on my network and I could see it on Zviewer it was real time. Lame…


I wreckon it will not take long for class action we purchased these cameras in a full unlocked usable state, they have updated them to force us onto there own services only, if we stay on old firmware we cannot use most services. We cannot use old services as they will be outdated and old. Zmodo have removed all firmware from there file shares. So they are not making it easy for people to roll back there firmware. Support also only give you access to certain fimrware not all. Alot of support people don’t even give you the firmware version that you want, alot of the time as it’s taken me quite a few chat session to even get any firmware files from them at all. My camera shipped with 7.8.14 which No one wants to give me. I currently have v7.8.20 installed which is unlocked but not fully.


The new software introduces encryption, which means you cant get direct access to your cameras, they are still working you just cant see the output. Such softward such as Blue Iris now wont work.
The output goes via the cloud, which means via the Zmodo servers, hence the delay in the “live” vidoe feed. It is underdtood that these cloud services are free for a few month and then maybe chargeable.
Adjustment of the cameras features are not possible and if you are able to do so (it is understood with some cameras you maybe able), but even so you can’t see the results. So there you are, up a creek with out apddle as they say.
You could revert to the old software if you can get it from tech support. The most frustrating part is Zmodo have by introducing their new software loads effectively stop you using your cams, and dont or won’t understand that buying more of their cams becomes not any option. This company has a lot to learn but in the mean time we the customers suffer.


You are worried about security but not about ruining our equipments. What can i do with a nvr that doesnt show anything? Doesnt Record anything?


Was anyone able to fix the problema with the Black screen on the nvr? My nvr is not recording because it doesnt receives imagens from the camera.